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Tomorrow the sun

- When you sit to write you these lines, we are far from together, with two nostalgia. I'll always remember and think of him, while his heart is not cold enough for ice called nostalgia, but I know I'll always think of you, although I'll always be around around the hot girl. And darling, you know a girl who can replace my position in my heart, my love is not intense, noisy ... but passionate, warm his children.

I love that sign!

So we love each other has been a year on July 2 and his children , love you and I have experienced many challenges and turbulent, there were times I thought we'd be apart forever, you will not see him again ... But then after the rain the sun shone again, when going through the rapids, the Deleting of life suspended ... just love to stay, he took my hands and walking on the beach watching the first light of dawn a new day.

Jim! I never thought I could love a hot boy-famous universities. His handsome, intelligent, personality, is the object of many girls. And you, a little too ordinary, nothing outstanding, we can say is boring.

I remember the first time I met you, besides you did not cause the appearance What impressed me the most, then in my eyes he is a handsome guy, but channel style, hated.

He is the brother of my friend, every time to your room, I met him again, and it seems so cold his appearance attracted me. My heart is no longer subject to sleep again, it beats arrhythmias, palpitations whenever he met. And in my dreams started with his image.

Secret of my love for him longer than a year, each time having run his heart is fired up, you say talk to me that itself awkwardly, lost naturally. And me, I remain calm when they met, not too intimate, but not too strange. Every time my heart hurt again, that I felt so unhappy at that, want to cry ...

And it seems my heart it did not follow any rules, I think I'll bury this love tight, carry lifetime students. But on a day when emotions so long can not hold forever in my heart, I see you say all your feelings so long.

Listen confession from children, he just laughed and said he only considered me as his sister. I've cried in front of him, crying as the child never cries. And unlikely to withstand tears daughter, he had said that we can occasionally go out together, posing as lovers, they are not ok? And of course my daughter-a gentle, but also very stubborn agreed arrangements.

The months following the date that is the time happy, the happiest of his life my students. He did promise you I take you many places to go out, walk off the streets of Hue, on every road seems to be in the footprints of me and you go through. Every time you rub shoulders with you, I read the eyes of the girls jealous.

Lives near students also passed, I was busy with their theses, examinations, farewell Friends ... and a sadness in me was washed away from me going to you, I also read in his eyes that. Love does not seem to follow any rules, until we also recognize that love is also the time apart ...

I loved! Maybe this a thousand generations they will never forget his sad eyes as he hands me the train station, I had that day with his smile, hold back tears inside, you go on without knowing what return. I would tuck you into my heart says that someday he'll come find you ... The train rolled, leaving my heart aches for those who stay, who goes.

Love will bury that idea from here, just the memories forever, but no, it's still smoldering fire in you and me. He has promised to wait for you on return. Now, despite how far in distance but I know a young man is the target of many girls are waiting for you, for you to come together to watch the first rays of day. I just wanted to tell you is: I love you so much, forever ...

beloved: Hong Phuong

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