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To not 'silly' in the first appointment

would be that if you do not know to avoid some topics are considered extremely "silly" in the beginning to go out with him.
"I kicked him"

Then you will continue the story of "he" before people are promised a new beginning filled with his good? This light, gently sweet, the other guy will think: "She's not forget his ex." More severely, he said that you are very passionate artist, is when it will launch straight to the "other names" even though there at midnight, as long as he was drunk and call you.

Speaking of children

or a few words such as "children", "pregnant" or "biological clock". You are doing

"appointment sweetness" of his sweat. The fact should discuss this subject in the case: Did you have a child, he had a child, or you see no reason to sit linger longer appointments.

When two who has more intimate, you can talk about going shopping for nephews. He will think you are simply a good aunt, who loved children, not a woman who aspire to have children!

Call flippant name

You can be sure that it is referred to as "potatoes of my secret," "my candy" or "my Toto (Toto is the name of your pet dog at home) in the first appointment is never a good idea (this should only be called in case he actually has the name engraved on the Toto, but this has never happened).

Listen opinions of a guy: "I think pet names are also hard to call each other, but not right in the first trip. Be called such sounds as "trapped" and then, that relationship is really not started ...".

Talk ... "S"

Time open does not mean something as well ... open. You're free to explore, more liberal in love but do not "open" in the way of speaking, especially bold talk about sex even understand the first step. You like "erotic massage", like kissing and there ... go to later, when two people sharing a house, it said bed.

A foreign guy has this pun: "There is sometimes talk of her sex in the first appointments. She really makes you think so more attractive (sexy), but actually it made her become nothing (trashy).

"My cat .. . '

Yes, he knew going into the toilet, it said sentiment expressed by you are crawling on your belly, that jealousy with the other guy for you, it is worth love etc. But if you keep a cat forever cackle while two people should say something unique, more romantic, then he will think you have mental problems there.

Advice for you: Let him get to know and discover your child's cuteness Xixi Pop or something, and not at another moment.

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