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This he ...

Hey you, I love rainy Gil. I like when the rain was wandering the streets, inspired even my arms out to welcome rain to heavy rain drenched the surface, found a cool and pleasant man.
But I still like him better if I also come at a time like rain. I will sit behind a small child laughing in the rain while his philosophy is unwilling to process because of rain. I'll be stopping somewhere to shelter from the rain you very much, waiting for the rain continually go back, look at the sunset is the end of the horizon begins, after the rain the sun shone again his children. I wish him to continue the same path in the rain ...

Hey you, I like wind Gil. Date you prefer to sit in the wind somewhere wide and windy, sitting free man thinks, so the wind swept away the worries in your head and you wish to fly back up. But I would prefer if I'm free, and takes you along the dyke, where the cool wind that much, you will not feel lonely because he is very near. And if I'm busy, I just need to know the message "I miss you, the wind reminds me so much as rain "...

Hey you, I like it very creamy. Cream cool light, soft tan guidance on the tongue and throat are very sweet, very pleasant to eat ice cream. I can eat ice cream all year round, including winter cold smooth, I still liked the sound of cold cream, cold to numb the tooth. But I still like him better if you also eat ice cream in winter, cold, numb, but I still try to smile and push rods, bad for you, pretend that you eat well sure enough it then ...

Hey you, I like winter Gil. Oh a cold winter. You look ugly in the Cotton expressed his shirt, team hat and a white woolen scarf wrapped thick it looks like a teddy bear. How cool is that the street light, a little wind estimate, estimate a bit of rain, ice cream for a sip sit and remember him, if only to remember the sweet words as light as the breeze, "he looks just as loving bear, People love him more and more to it but to love more. "

Uh, just how to sweet and then he just lazy sleeping at home alone. I'll come wake you with a cold hand, I'll break his sleep so he had to miss you more than sweet words.

Hey you, I love you Gil. I like him more rain than wind, more than ice cream in winter and mild. But let me keep this for my own, like a little secret that. Because they fear he will disappear one day, when nothing is forever in this life then you a little secret for you I believe you're waiting at the end of the road you are going to rain ...

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