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Things lost

18 years old birthday, I was given a very special notebook. No fussy decoration, not flashy patterns as usual, it casual with brown tones, the only true highlight is a detail from "Lose" is to be printed on the outside cover. Ever wondered about the meaning of the word, I finally decided to write the book around the theme of "losing" it. Perhaps people want to donate my book I look back, think and look a little further, I guess ...
Lost and regained

Fly young, I was or lose their belongings when going out or going to school, kids and things are less important. May be a pen computer, a pencil eraser or a toy model, something superhuman ... I remember once again trot losing something running on the "report" immediately to the mother.
mother never scolded me again, but only advised on the careful, orderly. The next day, I bought a new replacement item, again please, go out and re-launch cleaning (back) will probably lose the map, again adding one or more sloppy again.

In my day it illusory or forming what to think about these things "come and take it back" because clearly, I have never felt "completely lost" at all, I had her mother, who regained all.

I like fairies in the dream, is a miracle turn around of my growing up in May. Realized, each man's childhood as the grains of iridescent colors in the hourglass, despite steep slope down to the very backward, they still stay in the glass blocks, to be protected and cherished - Age poetry or a period of not losing things ...
Lost and regained

The "adult", "miracle", "fairy" also slowly backed into the corner of memories. At first is surprised - stunned, but then I also have to know and learn to accept reality - there are the "lost and not regained, leaving precious things, make you tired heart ...
It was my first time to suffer the pain of losing loved ones, when his grandfather died. Afternoon, I sat next to him during the moments that adults are sure that "he was dying there, I say to him." Each clock ticking, I hold your hand over his grandfather, did not say anything, do not dare cry. Because I still believe there will be a miracle.

Every thought of his grandfather, quietly lay back a little nostalgia as a wound not yet healed. The new ones are important to each person. Therefore, despite how busy, should also spend time with them, to share and be shared. Each passing moment of life more precious than thousands of times, when you know that there are so many, the "Lost and not receive" ..
deaths and does not want to get back
Everything in your life are very dear. But is it necessary to try to keep all his side? The answer is: No - can not and should not be.

"Can not" is because you never anticipate what's going to happen to you - luck or bad luck? Success or failure? I've been so down is to realize, there are those who consider her a friend, loved and appreciated, have turned to in times of my life the most difficult and deadlock. At the time I play with that little sad. Distracting to the point there was still hope that they will help and pity.

But it did not have any hand in it, I fell. Ego pain ... A long time passed, negotiable healed, my self up, self-ahead, steady and careful. Accidentally politics of others, the pain of falling was being said, there are things lost that you never want to get back. They hurt you, hurt more or less but not none of which left little spotless. Only after every fall sick, you mature a little more alone ...

There should be reasonable, "lose" things that do not belong to them?
To book now have recorded many "things away." It was an interesting job that anyone can do. You do not need to write a special feeling or what sublime philosophy. Simply, it's like a timeline of young people in particular. Because more time, he will book fewer things to lose, the less regrets. You're big ...


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