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They were poor to how ...

All depends on the perspective of each nguoiNgay it, a man - the owner of a rich farm - decided to lead his son away excursions, with the sole purpose is show him "how is the life of poor farmers."
After the trip, on the way back to the father asked his son: "ride like you eh?"
boy answered: "wonderful Dad!"

"Well, I have found that farmers, poor people have to like it?" - The father inquired.

"Oh, I saw very clearly Dad!" - He replied.

I saw we only have a single dog, but they have to four.

We only have a very large pool in the garden, but they have a real long-term river do not see what's shore.

We have a garden lantern, and are imported from abroad, really nice, but other farmers have the whole sky with the stars for light.

home garden is really wide, but they are both horizon

We only have a small piece of land to live, but they are both wings and the large floral display bowl untouched.

We have servants who abuse, but they serve others.

We have to buy food to feed us, but they can do to get yourself adopted.

We have solid walls to protect our property, but they are true friends to protect them.

Speaking here, he turned and said to his father, "I thank you Father for letting me know we were poor to how". Father silent to hear his son say so.

There are too many times in life we ​​forget what we have, which occupied only worry about what we do not have.

What is not valuable to this person are invaluable assets to the other.

All of which only depends on the "look" of each of us alone.

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