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These 'deep' love

One day, you suddenly feel my love seems to slowly running out or leave you.
feeling that you are not feeling random sense that it had the warning signs. Like worms are rodents roaming around the tree house your love. Check your watch, your love is one of the following is not a worm nhé!

1. Deep "jealous"

"Jealousy" is spice of love, if less interesting, but what the citizens also susceptible reaction. Just like when you eat eggs and wall-la there sprinkle a little pepper, spicy spicy pepper will stimulate your appetite. However, if unfortunately, you have read through your hands, it becomes pungent and choking you ...!

jealous worm, as a child, its color close to the color of love. At first it made baked soft, you feel it so adorable. But once the virus jealous lose your temper, it will grow bigger and slowly destroy foliage, then the tree is rooted in love. Not careful, your love may die "sudden death period."

2. Depth "cold"

What will neglect many hungry. Initially when deprived of food, the more it desires the attention of the other guys. But until one day he lost appetite and stomach waiting, it will go find a different tree.

worm cold, at first appears to visitors of gas and i had a little carefully, as it also did not want to hurt our love. But a long time away, it will silently release the rigid filaments, tightly wrapped with love, making it the warmth fades away.

3. Deep indignation "

Generally it hidden, not moving, no one discovered the existence of it. But as crazy up, it can kill trees in one night love!

must stop, what "the news" that ball "down the shore." Important that either party may abstinence "I" too powerful to sit down and take your talking calmly or not? With the sweet of love is true even if a volcano is ready to boom any time can be extinguished!

4. Deep "stopper"

stopper devastating levels not very high, it is quite safe. But it is poured into the trees love the contrast of growth hormone, long days, the plant will become ragged.

Grid refresh love is a disease sometimes visible but much easier to frame skipping. The best way is to let know how to "make every day is a day of love." More excitement in your love away!

5. Deep "true recipe for annoying"

This worm is less intelligent, always wanted to clean rodent stem, where it sheltered. Repeating it makes it resistant to falling world. But it still patiently to get up, climb trees and do the same again ...

Why do I suffer torment in the world where you do not? Please know how to love yourself and learn to trust him, sisters!

Be careful with this pest, but that is, your love can get them eating clean. Not have any tree capable of completely immune where, although there is little green to bright!

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