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Fast You're so young, it seems time for a love that is too long and for a quick goodbye. Stunned that a quick look at the next meeting, look into my eyes, I know, I was no longer the same.

Someone once said, just love one reason is how much split yeu.Nhung reason for it. I love each day, too, he was always puzzled when I asked "Why do you love me." Really embarrassing.
Not because not love, but because he did not know what love you because, simply from the first afternoon we met, I knew I must love you.
As fate vay.No fell sharply ra.Em that I did not bring something very different to me before his day.Truoc this vicious cycle is just learning, then bored, then take coffee with floods you, brothers occasionally gather future rai ... The end.

Many depressed when he found, wanted to do something else thuong.Nhung do now?
From there you, I think more, how to bring you joy, how I love you more and do for the love of both dua.Em humor, this account is similar to his best. Left me totally different ... It makes me more the.Em children when angry, they should all care sensitive vo.Em still weak as a little girl so.

Inside you, I want strong, so much love to go, but avoid or cover up anxiety, doubts the em.Nhung ... how much is enough? Remember once you suddenly shouted: "This evening there I behold the moon. "Suddenly he looked up, yeah baby, with the moon, bright that.Roi look at me, still excited for what the discovery of its moon, as if this world alone I see the moon thoi.Em be, fun, fun as can be something very strange comment when thuong.Nhieu.

Just so you gone with him, naturally, he realized that I love you more hon.Nhung rather stupid, I did not realize that you, too ... And the first hug.
I said, I would love to be hugged from behind, because it made me feel warm and safe shelter is toan.Khi he hugged her, then she shocked me minh.Va docile, peace in the arms anh.Khi that he felt so happy that he knows when phuc.Va love and be loved is amazing ... I always ask, "Why are you always so warm that cold do you?". Maybe because I love the season dong.Tay lanh.Anh Im always on hand must be incubated I new it was so warm duoc.Moi lam.Em always coddle them like coal to be cool ... hamlet in the hands of his love was warm!

I do not know coffee, so every time you drink, do you put files for each child uong.Anh spoon, I winced like a child taking this medication, do not look very yeu.Anh know that I shall drink it because his file because he enjoyed drinking coffee, because I want to be with him and enjoy the passionate efforts of its warm winter home.

So far he has not realized that you also love him. I did not ... So I've let you go ... On that, I tell you to not lose you, I just let you go thoi.Dem nghi.Va which he thought he first realized that you love me, love her very nhieu.Anh self yell like an idiot! Because he did not believe in your love. He forced you to wait to redefine the wavy feeling loved, then determine what else ... I'm tired!
Also true only because he has no faith in this love, he has become weak from not always clear anymore ... On his farewell ... ... God is still winter for sun and east to East hearts ...

Accidental instead, today, he met her at a new cafe mo.Anh remember the first day I have solid interests to explore new and like to drink a minh.Anh not understand because traveling alone is so sad, I just laugh because i did not understand the strange hobby was his.

I'm still so, long black hair is natural, is the orange turtleneck dazzling that you said overcast winter sanctifying should wear bright colored clothes like that, but I know also another reason is because they fear the sadness, fear of loneliness ... But today, she is still slender girl, the small table baby, still face several royal raindrops. Suddenly he wants to wipe it for you, but added again, yeah baby, what can be, I let you go then ... I did not base that is their anymore.
I'm looking to be named somewhere, not detected anh.Phai thinking for a long time, he decided to greet me, the feeling that strangers make him uncomfortable. Dom medium steps, he saw me standing up, very bright smile, a smile for someone about to step back vao.Mot trai.Sao guy like that? ... Yes, I broke up then that! I understand and love a new story is also normal ... normal.

Two pretty fun conversation, he put his hand wiping the tears on the face em.em small arms to adjust the collar for him, the gesture of affection for another person ... Not me! Must roi.Minh separated then that!

Then they stood up, apparently to go somewhere ... Suddenly I wanted to run and cling to my hand again, suddenly found themselves powerless, stupid guy, but a few months ago have let you go ... And any sense, she turned toward him, precisely looked into your eyes, open them laugh, smile enough to realize no trace of it, but he understands and realizes that smile.
I'm going Then, sitting alone in the shop, suddenly again, he wondered: "Do not know I was drinking coffee now?"

And suddenly he took the phone, the phonebook, find the name ... But then you lose it ... Where

Yes, I broke up!

By djnhkjmbach

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