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Then broke up i miss you so much ...

I've read somewhere that a very interesting sentence:" Man, if used all his life to love someone is sure to take a deep double that time to forget it. " So I would take much time to forget him when he was bold silhouette in my heart? "

I love Let me be delivered to him the words of love after the end to trade then you will pay him about where happiness, a place without the existence of children. Please read this letter as my brother did not have then, alone in his room alone, dismissed all things, sunk in thought about it since I was last to tomorrow ... I'll never bother you again.
Sitting write you these words I'm so sad ... I know too weak in the romance. I really had to try not to cry, and perhaps tears then flowed back into the boy. The happy days, happy to have him, the the brief moment he was gone, now you are faced with sorrow, feeling the pain as he slowly away from the existing em ...

I have loved you, it is true. Whether we are apart of this life I will never forget you. I have enough real life to feel your love for him is real and romantic enough to worship him that love for life you know? 15 years have passed, there were many changes in my life, but his shadow still intact as ever. I do not love M's now in love with M's 15 years ago. He is the only one who knows the meaning of the nickname "hm ...", he said that he does not? You might not believe but that is true. He is a pleasant past, childhood is sweet and pure, is the first man in my life gives me the strange vibe ...

That day can not make you stand before him, but indeed I was not myself anymore. I know that during the rest of my life I will keep forever the memories, emotions such as 15 years and I still kept hidden in the heart.

I knew that something had happened between them but then why did you not tell me huh? "I need a sincere speech, a reason to verify that you are not living in doubt doubt haunt me ... Yeah, I broke up, uh, then from now I will not contact each other again! I would rather just say that a sentence together is going to be more gentle? No to resentment, no anger more, not to miss this ... Dang, he was too clever to leave you without an explanation or a split sentence. Do we need another hurting so would not you? I still say no matter what they should say a single word that. Why not say at what M?

Sometimes do you wish as we do not see each other again after so many years away way, as I do not call prices, do not IM, not online, do not tell me words of love ... then maybe between us is just a pure friendship as one of the 25 remaining members of 12A in which only his class interesting!

I remember going on about class meeting I told you that just packed it all and do not remember what else ... My dear, forget or remember that's just my mind, love is also that of the heart. And is forgotten or remembered only for a second, a minute or an hour ... but love is a long chain can not close the day count. And I cried, cried so much during the night of 23 / 6 I remember? I can not do what I say. minds of children recorded what you said but my heart tells me again that you can not How to listen to and follow what he said. Three months with him, he has taught me many things, has just told me many things, but why do not you teach me how to forget him?

I've read somewhere that a very interesting sentence: "Man, if used all his life to love someone deeply, then make sure to use double that time to forget it." Then I will How much time it takes to forget him when he was in deep shadow in my heart?

separated and I will miss much of the vibrato on the phone 7 am every day and goodbye message if no one wished me delicious lunch and asked you to sleep or not? farewell then ... 76 ... 93 will no longer be AB, AC again, but will return Minh 1, Ming 2 as the names of other people. Parting then you will no longer be awake for one, do not worry about looking before looking after someone to Hanoi to work. Farewell, massage will not give you the sweet messages ending in "e ah" very characteristic of him. ringback goodbye then, "Memory of My Mind" is no longer a song to give his own children. Breaking up then you will no longer be a message telling preserving our health, diet and smoking less as a particular drug, no longer aches when people go to work on tired, then you goodbye I'll never get the message telling you that will always be with you anytime, anywhere ... farewell then all will sink into obscurity ... Remember ... remember a very dear!

I do not remember me huh ? I know he is the man he says. So, if you remember me you will do? I tried to forget him at work, during the busy times at home with family ... but also At times like now I do not know how he chased the ball out of my heart. Now I'm sitting here alone, and spent gnawing sorrow to our hearts broken by love letters .. .

Sometimes I can not understand myself anymore, now has nearly 10 years of my life is peaceful, happy, yet his presence made my heart beat problems. But only, since this will close your heart, get out and pay me my life back to the days without him you very much!

My dear!

Please called me two hours this time last Sweet. Let me get his name out of breath and heart arrhythmias his last. So you've finished reading this letter right away? I'll be happy if it remains in me a little sad, but if he just smiled and always delete "For My Love" This is so sad I will. Three months renewable for a friendship and a love faded, Is not he short? But it, anyway I also like to thank all that he has for you, both joy and sadness, both happy and sad ... Thank you for helping me stop in time when not too late ... And from now I'll stand quietly on the sidelines of my life, I always pray for the success achieved on the path of your choice and happy forever with the your marriage you very much.

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