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Thank you for giving me new life

It still remember the first time it met him . At that time his face looks really nasty, he looks like a cowboy named secondary damage. His six-pocket trousers, team cap, his hands folded in front of chest, leg and squeezed pinch on the other foot function scooped it asks "Can u speak tiếng Việt?".

not understand back at it again replied "Yes, I can." With the character of it, maybe it will answer "Sorry I can not", it is not like it at all.

And he met it as fate. He is your friend it's small. First sight it is not very impressed with him but after the meeting that it was attracted by the way he talked to his humor. Before applying it out of his phone number. And since then, and it's his constant contact with each other. One day his message to each other and it does not know how much longer messages. Just know that it is always looking forward to his message. Start a new day he texted it around 5:45 am "light, the absence of his message is angry, but it starts with arrogance, it does not bother him a message before.

It, and he began to make their own trip without the presence of small itself. He invited it to dinner, drinking coffee. Last, too, with him it felt very comfortable . He always made it cheery smile with humorous stories and true to his feet wet when he was new to Vietnam and dry feet.

Before seeing it he does not like exposure to those who do not speak English. But now he is always warmly welcome those who do not speak English, she asked him why he told that he simply wants to be a Vietnam, want to speak Vietnamese. It laughter is always talking with his Vietnamese language. He texted it in Vietnamese found it frustrating sometimes because he write Vietnamese too "good" that it is a Vietnamese official that can not understand. Since he knew the Vietnamese level it is increasingly coming down. He wrote that wrong, but it must try to understand it right, trying to understand what he'd say. Now the Vietnamese capital of his pretty well then . He was able to speak a sentence such as "I do now?", "Thank you", "I pretty much that" ... It was never angry with him because every time it has long been angry with him then he said, "Excuse me", it always laughed when he said in Vietnamese, he looked so pitiful when it comes to twisting his tongue to speak Vietnamese.

It's the thanks he gave it new life after the death of his mother and the breakup of the flat that was once a passionate love ...

After a time he knew it began to show love with it. But apparently it did not even notice what he said. Every time he refers to emotional problems, then divert it to something else. He was sad when it that way. He knew a lot around it satellite pursue. Every time it went out with a message that it asked him, "I have many many boyfriends you?". Those times like it always told, "You increment than go ", he is not fit to respond," You like me that increment. "It only knows how to smile with his answer because he saw him at the end like it is.

He was far away from each other and it more than 30 miles so that almost any night he also drove in carrying it out, a habit formed when he knew it. He always take advantage of every moment when inside it. He was going to have a two-week vacation to visit his family home after six months apart. He was sad when it still did not say anything to romance with him. He feared he was about the time someone would rob it takes away from his hand. He details the information for it to go on him and on his return to Vietnam, he plans to return home ...

Before he boarded the plane it is only give him a message saying "Have a good trip."

He walked the few days that it felt like several months. It is sad to not get his message, he felt his mind. It crashed into him as he hates no contact with it when returning home. He thought he had forgotten it, he has a lover that the longer it's just his game in Vietnam. Have not received it four days What news from him. It was like crazy. He loves him, it's sad because he had not told him that before returning home. He remembered the song "Hello" when he is usually accompanied by singing it .. . 'Hello, is it me you looking for? Tell me how to win your heart want to cry ... it ?...",

was sitting in class phone it rings. It surprised when the other end sounded voice familiar "Hello, how are you?". "I miss you so much." It's refreshing to laugh to forget that I was in class. all the way back home from class it forever singing songs " Everyday I Love You ". It's the thanks he gave it new life after the death of his mother and the breakup of the flat that was once loved passionately.

* * *

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