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Teacher and the old bill

Finally it university park. The first person to notice it was not important is it that three or mother is the beloved mentor of it ...

house its poor brothers back east, it is also poor country so there are not many who long to think about your children through college. Its parents, too, partly because of poverty, partly because thinking about your child's condition "versus how people "!... You are the only one who supported it, for its belief that "you can."

Glad not how long, how much to worry about spills get it fin ... Five years, hundreds of money like bees buzzing in his head.

Then he brought it to a lot of books, notebooks, which it predicted that the lessons "of-ceremony-meaning" master, thigh in his hand a small package, but he sure is "Tips ", then lower the hardest time just newly opened. It was not "alert" redundant. Package "Tips" that as he hands it has received from a vaguely approximately 10,000 VND bills wrapped in two layers of old nylon, these bills were part claws smoothness which crumpled many believe that he has to for a long time! 900.000dong, lucid love it just the same old cravings 10,000 has an angle no one to cry.

been two years since the day he visited Saigon swimming up it, hand it to screw up the 10,000 hard and then rushing back. Then he transferred. Two years, sometimes it still gets the contract of 10,000 teachers (amazingly, back to the time it seemed like the most stuck !)... Two years, it has not visited him once. Lunch, new school, parents power to press: "Mr H. died then." It only asks for three words stammered: "Why take him?" And then collapsed when the mother is choking lump in the other end: "I am sick a long time ago that nobody knows. Date taken him to hospital, doctor shooting knows he has spoiled all the five continents and organs, yet anyone could visit the physician has ...".

It removed all the climbing up the bus. In the hot noonday underground hập car with a drunken rampage tired, it's gentle to the doctors found it, the thighs on the hot hands of its 10,000 sheets of the same sparkling ... By now it just noticed he was very pale, talented hands cleverly clogs up the old days was almost too much ... It came to, tears rolling down his cheeks again, it's heart cried sobbed: "... Teachers do not wait for me to ...!?". Because it nails every security: if the exchange the 10,000 other drugs, he will live until he could return ...

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