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'4 Tactical know 'when choosing lovers

To choose a perfect boyfriend, can move forward in the relationship, the girls need to make tactical "the four said." The girls remember, if lacking For one of the following would not qualify to keep him around.
is a known important, but relatively difficult. Who are you, what are the advantages and disadvantages nothing, nothing but more attractive to my boyfriend like that? To know yourself, you have to dig opinions of relatives and those who do not like you. If it wisely, you can "hear" the "words back" of the guy too. These "behind the words" sometimes very useful.

Knowing people
Consider the object to who are you? He devoted to family, care, help you, keep your distance certainly can not match the message appointment only guy to go out, drink water, requiring the action "deeply" to show expressed emotion. One guy expressed sadness but still respect you if you have not received response from different guys angry, rude behavior or "free car going straight."

Know connector assembly

Once you know yourself, know people, one thing to know is that the connector assembly, "two halves" together if there is "cocky" or "round ". The personal preferences, characteristics of the two people may differ, but the point of living to create the same new tune. The other guy may love sports, but you prefer painting, no problem. But you must be living in dignity, respect loyalty, respect for traditional family values, but the man about is money and power are the most important new "round pot again distorted face area" lost then.

Knowing the distance
If it mostly just hang new location or is it ", and those who love truly, want to come talk "eat away at life" to each other can not know the distance. Get together all who will follow you? Will live with parents or alone? He has accepted his family in-law does not (if you intend to families who choose in-law). I'll take care of parents concerned about how (if it is a matter of your family). Not rare pair had "informed" that the above three but stuck at this stage of the distance there.

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