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Taboo in dating

If you only know that he had revealed too much, call or message constantly ... it is a taboo in the appointment hodau is not good for the relationship of two people.

Tell too many

Everything related to the relationship of the two who have undergone gradual and phased. Because you do not "approve" the guy who tells everything, from childhood memories, school facilities, number of sections, family ... and everything related to your life for young listeners. Thus, men have nothing to learn anymore. Please share information and both explore and learn together. Whether you attempt no matter how to prove that you are a very good future wife, a mother of the child model then it does not value the things he discovered from you .

Call / Messaging, Email, too much
Update now very convenient. Two people can communicate with each other via phone, text message or email. However, only in the initial stage of dating that you took the initiative to call or message too much, then you have the charm of that decline. So, go slowly and take the opportunity to take initiative for the better guy.

Demanded sex
If only just met, all new in first phase requires that you have sex, afraid that's wrong. Men need time to learn and evaluate who you are. So, do not hesitate to invest time to understand you guys better. If you are strong and that requires sex, the value of yourself in the eyes, which will be reduced.

Tracking guy
You in love with him and in favor of grants and opportunities for him. However, most of the oldest guy you knew before. He will feel like if he knew I was the track? This is something you should avoid to make girls feel comfortable for him.

I hope he changes
There are things he is very difficult to change. From the beginning, you had the intention to "adjust" him as you wish it was not good signs for the next appointment. If there are many things you can not stand is the best guy, you should find a different man.

Care of yourself
If you just threw himself on a date, take the time to take care of him, calling, texting him without regard to myself, it is very erroneous. Although appointments are successful or not, health care, beauty care for yourself is essential.

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