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Sweet and Bitter

my little angel! Did you ever ask yourself, why again honey sweet, and bitter bile again, although that bears love honey species? Have you ever wondered why chocolate brings back bitter sweet and even though people are in love would love to give it on special occasions? And have you ever wondered why we have these people as living in joy, happiness, limitless, but there are pit falls when the abyss of despair, misery? By a simple reason, the value of life sometimes things are in the seemingly small way, that normal .
When you are good, they are teachers of merit, be admired friend. Meanwhile, I feel pride for myself, that these efforts, my efforts paid off. And then I feel the sweetness in your heart.

When you have a mistake, and mistakes it made me worse was criticized a lot, even though I did not intentionally cause such mistakes. No one understands me, so have no empathy, sharing ... I can not do anything but to quietly let the tears stream down. Meanwhile, I feel the bitter taste of each of the two goods.

But if you dare brave stand to condemn the bad behavior of friends , can be their children hate, hate, but I feel I did right, and I'm not ashamed to myself, with my conscience. In the bitter taste of friendship intact, I find the sweetness of the truth, frankly.

Then birthday, a great day in my life, besides wishes for a sweet, wonderful gifts, great friends, your child may lack the presence, the warmth of the relatives, siblings in the family, by a simple reason: I live a comfortable home and family thousands of miles. Behind the sweetness of a memorable birthday party, I feel bitter nature of expatriates a child, helpless foreign land where native people.

Maybe you've seen these people living in the lap of luxury, wealth, silk velvet, but I know both of which have people living on money, material and blinded by the ghosts of fame, power ... with all the things that they may be a false sweetness is created to cover up the bad, the bitter nature of a sinful life, dared to exchange personal life, despite the danger to society, to deal with community demand, personal interest in a petty and selfish.

And in everyday life, can you still find people who have wandered, solitary, helpless. Their life is hard, especially in these harsh days, drizzle, cold.

For they are bitter when they tried a lot but still could not do more than maintain their existence. But only a single coin, a bread, a blanket ... of people with their generosity is well worth a par with a fortune, it is the sweetness of compassion, of concern and share with the community.

You see, this life is to know how much to say, to thinking, to feel. Life will also be undergoing a lot of sweet moments, happy moments next to bitterness, despair. There is genuine will be bitter sweet. There are hard, new ascetic feel all the meaning of success, sweet bliss.

And that contribute to the value of life that we have the great good luck, be a part of it. He believes his little angel would not fall before the difficulties, stumbling stumbling, the barriers and challenges that life created to challenge the energy industry as well as myself.

And I will always be good friends to share the joy, sweet joy that I have with some bad people, bad luck, for a better life right?

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