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Suffering wife gambling

than twelve noon on that has not seen his wife, He Q. restlessness. Nearly an hour to see Ms. L. slaughterhouse home, hand-feed a pack Teng accomplice had smelled rotten shrimp.
To for some, but he tried to cuff compression are angry because the house guests . He looked at me shyly, half as if to justify, say to yourself: "Women are strange what is it, dear heaven. All drugs of this type make it. "

It is not only where her alone. According to him Q. ago, while I love her, because he had thought of themselves as soldiers or work away from home, get a teacher to later care for families raising children.

years away from him, his wife and children live with their parents. Sometimes he lets you hear the announcement or reminder: "I should comment to his wife, it looks very giddy, and far longer drunk gambling with your team on neighbors. Parents also healthy, I also care. But the wife is a teacher, who would fall into place that momentum, incapacitated dear. "

He has declined comment on it, she told her parents pushed her husband put it. Then a cartridge in anonymously asking for comfort.

When I was young, in particular to parents and husbands do not know, she did not send his children to the household she looked again, the go out at all, her grip on the armpits, or take the father to sit beside it.

The time you go drinking with the girls, her children also learn how to ", because" the mother . To this situation can not last forever, he would move to close the home, the first time at home with her husband, she could not seem afraid to play long.

But only a few meals , emerging bloody gambling, winning anywhere, anytime, especially on holidays, or no information on the class, she seemed to forget everything in life.

The times are not for lack of hands played, the team again invite each other to drink, eat only chicken, singing karaoke. Many units returning from the day, house was deserted, deserted, the electronic trip somewhere, she also absorbed a fine not to close. He had to dive music looking for a portable car, visit markets to buy food and firewood in the kitchen alone extinct.

Few days ago, said his wife is sure to hit you all at home she is secondary teacher, told of his call at the house guests, but just listen to her skin, yes, yes, wait forever not see where the shadow. Annoyed him to resort to police intervention.

Sometimes crazy news. Skip is not, nor endure forever finished. Maybe not beat your wife again, she will always be more mouth to apologize, promising not to relapse. But then again where in there as it is, the more she has more experience in excuse, explain to her husband, both to evade police.

Anh Q. said: "Perhaps the greatest suffering is man's wife, adultery, playful, SA gambling, child neglect, followed by as many implications in the family, in society. Parents, brothers scorn, derision, people laugh at life, contempt. Spoiled ignorant children. "

There is a sad thing, in this town, as his case Q. is not unique. Many husbands are crying, half laughing, depressed, frustrated wife, eager to please, sa red and black momentum into the game. So the sadness is not just his own. She hoped L. and wives are gambling blood, make yourself look back.

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