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Suffering from the disease "artist impressions"

Many husbands, wives or conflict resolution by way: away from home! However, when the parties returned, though both have the most immediate "artist" still stands. So, the couple's conflict can not overcome.
Go easy on hard

husband had left the house half an hour, but Lam Anh, a staff banker, is "dual battle over" him. She listed her husband's vices: petty, selfish, chief ... The cause of this war is ... the bottle, flower arrangements, which are mementos from the time students. A young man named Kant and gave her address. She retained simply because of flowers.

One day her husband discovered his wife's memorabilia. His skepticism: "Why take so thoroughly, it would remind her about the beautiful past?". Ms. Lam He insisted: "It's just pot would, but I remember what someone else." So the war. "Do not throw away, I smashed it." "I challenge you!! Turns out he is a weakling, afraid of the flowerpot. I lived with him how he did not know you? I do not want to work, the situation was for me ...". She said the husband did not finish out the door.

Left alone, he still did not want Ms. Lam flat flower pot, to prove that what she did not have sex with the ancients. Moreover, any other ... up the bottle increases the husband's patriarchal. "Posted legs", he will "behind the times "then why?. One night, her husband went through the night. In anxiety, she is somewhat regret. It might have been sweeter ... but she thought so, she still refused to call her husband, as this not the other identified themselves to blame.

When inconsolable rage, she imagined at husband will prepare a delicious meal, will tell stories boy fled Jerusalem, will discuss with him Lunar New Year travel to where ... She imagined the scene a couple laughs blowing the hustle and mumble his confession. Her husband will appreciate his wife's tolerance, so much regret when left home go.

When I married "carry on" at home, her breathing again throw out a question: "Yeah, I always thought he went down?". My husband did not even respond, in bathroom "flush rumbling" and turned aside and asked her: "There was nothing to eat you?". How do you have enough patience with "the" innocent like that? Her big voice: "This is not a restaurant , free accommodation and I was not the service offline. " Contradictions that continue to increase.

Clear the way home

Consultant Nguyen Thu Hien (Vietnam Youth Federation) for that poor men fight in the Battle of arguing with his wife, adding that they lacked control away from home to escape ... storm. But upon returning, which means the head was "cool" then, he should own initiative created to "prepare the way" home safely. Do not be critical of issues, but do not do no matter what happens, to avoid "stirring" in the pride of their wives. The same can be said also "on" with someone who is your wife, respect, a mediator that mediation.

But the psychology of the wives are ... contradiction. Just wants her husband back, just "right," wanted her husband a lesson style: "Without you, I still re healthy living." Own behavior, making the husband ... tired and want to continue the street.

The wife knows how to do good, but by no means ignored. Choose the vantage point, the couple will come together to "meet", not to delimit the winner, but to experience.

If the husband is gone, then return was difficult, the way of his wife even more difficult. Expert advice Nguyen Thu Hien advice: "When angry too, if their wives walk out of the house they should go somewhere where he knows her husband as the biological mother, siblings, or friends ... then someone calling themselves "informed" husband. "Do not be subjective, because when the old story was" cool "but he heated up the" You go all night? ". If there is no enough witnesses, physical evidence "clear, easy-wife falls into the state" status soon, reasonable time. "

Ms. Tran Thi Minh Thu (Ward 25, Binh Thanh District) and experience: "Seeing her daughter hugged me, I find an excuse to call for the groom:" I figure it to visit her grandmother, father do not see the old guy? ". According to her, that is how "informed" for the groom.

In fact there are many couples know how to prevent accidents "away from home." Mr. Tran Minh, retired Ward 5, Go Vap District said: "My wife and I got married before, had to build a" rules "for the couple. In there is the" angry too can omitted, but not overnight. "At that time, my wife laughed:" Well, I must add this: do not fight at night. "
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuong - Center Director Divorce & Family issues, see: "There are small things but arise out of discontent, the couple split. Elastic ropes stretched it will break, or when people suddenly let go the opposite, the rest will be shot in the face cord. Cord gently back to the old location. For husbands, wives' income too, left home for the street ", people go, people in open heart out, calm down. Love and understanding will help you pave the way into the house. "

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