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Suffering because of her beauty

nom nom always afraid of having excessive calcium (on top" grow horns ") since its married couple Compassion - Huyen not go abreast, festivals, holiday parties as early in love again.
UK Good grief grief: "She should go out pretty uncomfortable."

Not only beauty, Huyen - also his wife Good communication skills and sense of humor. Good day he took his wife to attend classes and meetings to karaoke with his friends in college. Only half an hour after entering, he had to sit Compassion "wife" alone watching his wife financially singing, talking and laughing with some "guy friends" that "immediately to take stock."

"Knowing that my wife is very attractive but I still feel hurt because of the flat sides. Well, next to her frustration at home to help "- I honestly paper blow Compassion.

" Sang "for the wife

Anh Huy (Ha Dong, Hanoi) these days continuously invest in clothes, hair. Seeing her husband chic, just outside the perfume, Caravat adjust international market of - stabbed his wife suspecting. She insists that he is hiding his wife and children, "commands Pheng" with her outside.

"His wife said, when a husband actively cared for beauty, he is certain adultery. Wife also confirmed that these signs refer to her in the psychology books righteous "- He laughed Huy distorted.

Many times the wives do not listen to presentations, in the short-Huy intense. Be able, as you state he quickly concluded he was "moon flowers" something.

"There were times I could not hold back, I shouted 'I want a pair with children only . Children all day makeup, dresses, he is not doing so good? '. After having listened to his wife and laughing eyes "- Anh Huy to share.

" Wrath "because his wife get pretty confused

Anh Hao (Thanh Xuan Bac, Hanoi), the "bitter" because his wife was constantly being compared to "satellite cloud" around. He said: "my lovely wife to the old days, there are many 'boy would die." So upset, she was trying to tell 'Galant he bought 99 roses, the man writing love letters written 5 pages long. Why did my husband without the ?'".

Many times self-love, the couple arguing and then not bothering to look at each week - charges both beautiful wife.
beautiful wife

Many beauty wife always lived in a state of insecurity because her husband jealous. Some other wives are absorbed beauty forget the duty of the family home causing conflicts that arise (no prohibition of women as wives, so beautiful, but balanced this with the care of her husband ).

For the wife, should understand the psychology of her husband. Sense of where to go and have a look at his wife makes her husband do not own a television with at least think themselves inferior. Including the admiration of friends and acquaintances for his wife can make me some "mad" (then, the wives should be pushed into miserable situations: husband not to go, always be missed presence of the parties, husband's home crowd ...).

beautiful wife should know stop in external relations, especially relations with the opposite sex to avoid conflict with husband. A psychologist has suggestions for women this way: "If your husband says 'I always believe,' the belief that only half true. Therefore the sentence can be interpreted as' I trust her again so she can not do anything stupid house. "

The wife beauty often take many temptations outside the social comparison with beautiful wives often seem secondary. So, happily married with beautiful wife is also difficult than usual lot. Pay attention and he always virtuous social relationships in order to avoid misunderstanding, at the same time, avoid bad language: "She is only the outward code".

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