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Strong to me, you wait for me

not know this letter I have read your dc does not, he did not know but you do not want to read want to tell you so! I'm very happy not to me, you filled with joy in your love, then everything happened naturally melts away all the book, I truly stunned and shocked because he said he did not love me anymore, I certainly do not believe and he still loved me, I believe. Everyone told me if nah was so heartless, then go and do not forget to remember me anymore but they are where they know me, know my love for you how big, and I know he always believed he did not have to be like that so I very painful.

The reason he said his farewell as they do not accept him ah! I remember I once asked him if he bit his lover is dying what would you do? he replied that he will do all the things to do, but I want to marry you then that wanted to marry him knowing he will lose, you remember? I live to him, and love and even though he lost all hope lost all my confidence is still with me always never far from him at all. You and I have had a happy time, I still love still remains close to that feeling of love, not having children, then? no matter, I can adopt a child but you, you can not live without him and not take away from anyone except my brother do that.

He has lost a set This kind of life for man, people will give him other things, for he is my love of you, I want to keep happy the rest of my stars, did not want to hold you back next ? I do not fear their selfish fear makes you happy, I do not know that he is selfish like new. know how many people are still happy that, his brother, than a lot ah! why are you pessimistic and lose confidence as such, the subsequent suffering of children and the welfare of children always lose. Stand up and hold you together, you go ah! he has experienced memory losses should feel or appreciate what he had, including me, I never leave you all.

I want to marry him and care Although his family again for tomorrow he dies, I still can not change your mind because I viewed him as his life and the days that we have lived together as husband and wife but, how can you love me someone other than him, can live with out one. I do not like that house! my life spent with him as have all lost brothers played with the life very much, but do not abandon me. I said to respect the opinions of his decision, but when is the right decision, but behold this reason I do not accept, e ko I'll wait for him to give up, wait until he does think again, think of you and find you, you never give up.

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