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Strange girl

-" Kha Nguyen has a name so beautiful compared to her. "- This is the first reaction of 24 professional grade boy first date she moved. Thin textile, leather and such prominent undercurrent ...
Grade 11 professionals have a new student information, as a girl. Heard it done, 24 son of a country full son, binary numbers with Visual Basic, C + + howling screams as memory forest, making teachers Minh homeroom before making "rookie" to be conservative people "What I do not have to do too afraid to learn it weird." Yet when he brought out a small introduction to the class, including 24 children a guy they do not reveal anything. Standing on the podium, looking skinny little new students Bangladesh, dry skin and no insidious little girls like us it's your whole speech. Small named Nguyen - Nguyen Hoang Kha Nguyen, the name is too small compared to the beautiful. Nguyen Huy push play:

- Hey, "I" of the same name to the clouds!

- Where does the same, listening carefully to go, I was Khoa Nguyen, you do not equate with that!

- represents the star is soft, so they all match, Nguyen Khoa Nguyen Hoang dear, you are predestined to "you" and then, happy world, predestined to "taste the "That really is your home!

Both boys laughed up, former boy friend grimaced as names that bring a full first hour Raw always thank my parents for putting out too good ironically, it looks up, you little confused on the podium went quickly on the seat that he was destined for the small, middle class, is surrounded by 24 boys all day chatter of a small professional class of this news. That day, the small Kha Nguyen is officially the 25th member of the mathematics in this class, the "strange flowers" of them, though the flowers are not fragrant like flowers generally, probably cactus reasonable?

Kha Nguyen turns out is not an ordinary children's looks like a smaller, even more extraordinary is that ..., Raw small recognized that when you teachers repeatedly referred to the board in all the details (the teachers prefer students to new challenges, whether it be boy or girl) and always meet all the requirements of student teachers on a "look good gentle cute good student. " This small to reveal extremely horrible ability to subject its news, small snap as Visual Basic, web programming and Pascal is as easy as four belonged to the age-old ancient Earth from the newly formed then. But small children still and quiet, taciturn, self-deprecating sure it looks thin and dry skin of their African, 24 boys think so. Intact, it's not like this small, too small by such good exercise, and when I can write new software, or find yourself a small pair it with this, of course, the Highlands is also a good boy, no matter it be "fit", but the problem here is also the name of, like, just with different words Kha Khoa, two kids it was always agree with every detail of a problem, but the most important part, may always at war, never 100% in harmony with all. That makes Raw tired and often meant to do alone, away from children "just bad ... just brutal," this place.

* * *

- Hey Raw, hot here, I just told Michelle she was awarded the most popular sayings lo cake, strawberry mousse cake that is right hands, Where else do not bear - Coat jump in, hand out bread to gnaw warning.

- Huh - Former jumped up, forgot middle of writing a command line - Who told you that information How?

- What are some specialized literature, but her eight people, I just glide over the past few glider is brought out information about the beautiful love story for you, haha. Ah, but you have to quickly hurry, he Hieu "settlement" it announced it would always give you the right idea there.

- Huh - the 2nd time within five minutes Yuan jumped - How does it know ...?

- What are these guys sure it has good comrades with it like I good to you. Now the computer why?

Nguyen raised eyebrows, pretending to pout and brainstorming are very intense, it suddenly looked small you with the same name, this small piece of bread holding bad, so many specialized neurons were running as news of its discharge.

- Eureka! Think again!

Bell rang, leaving bewildered not understand what Huy, Nguyen jumped out of class, do not forget to muttering "Damage situation, I take that for yourself too!" .

* * *

Sunday morning, his first day filled with students in the classrooms be filled with brass baby, egg plant, wearing awkward ... Raw the butter in a blue apron and tried brushing off the idea of ​​"Only my son I was here" to try to face up to hear the teacher passed out instructions for the dough evenly. The will of a 17-year-old boy is really admirable. Especially when the whole day encounter with 23 small boys and a girl is - well - like - not in class, the flirting a speech she suddenly became extremely important. Thought to expression "happy joy + Gas + smarting" of Han and the general "defeated" by Hieu "problem" is that it quietly then. Homemade cakes will surely break more bread shop (the meaning). However, after consultation with the Highlands back and make sure it will not have the courage to step into the cultural gateway to study women whisk or kneading dough, how lucky it is very premature sister and likes to dance Study "miscellaneous stuff" (separate opinion of Raw) to advise this bakery, a shop owner and his wife have taught them very tasty cake. Finally, the Highlands are standing here, in a blue apron and butter are clumsy hands then take up the eggs, beating for not trying to crush and smell in the whole meal. There are older girls look at it, curious, but not why, it was determined to make strawberry mousse cake donated Han, Nguyen did not do anything but okay.

* * *
- Hey, all month I invite you to polish that you just refuse to do huh? What ultimately is busy?

Nguyen did not answer reporters shot away as always. Short underground commander shook his head. A month, Nguyen was "up to a skill level" and was enjoying his first success. Today she was in Russia - a teacher's guide to gear it - will be taught how to decorate cakes gum. Resources stir forever and still not make the second solution in the other pot was thick, it's frustrating to bypass the other long-range goals, ransacked the store looking for some material gelatine leaves to rescue the situation.

- How do you find?

recently raised voice, Yuan surprised about who looked at her standing. As Kha Nguyen. Incubated it:

- O, A, UA, Kha Nguyen back here?

Q finished it felt really new corn, a daughter in baking classes not unusual to ask that a guy at this place as it is what do we have to wonder.

Kha Nguyen replied, making it more surprised at you know her appearance:

- This is the Yuan that. This is the salon of the chapel, today's Russian mother too busy, so thanks to Yuan Yuan to help. How do you find?

- Yeah, well, leaf gelatine solution ... To make candy thickens ... I do not ever be ...

After the little girl stir stir message fifteen minutes, the pot of raw candy looked a lot like the book (no need to use more leaf gelatine). Originally she looked full of admiration for you, break, sat down next to Nguyen Kha Nguyen, gave him candy box.

- Eat nè! Resources to do that.

Box filled with gum shapes of tiny sparkling sprinkle sugar, but the whole green. Of avocado green, sweet, sweet sweet. Resources put into the mouth to get a park.

- Sao whole world gree

- Former blue like this, it looks cool (so that the apron is of her work - Raw think). Why do you come here to study this cake? Flirting one of you?

Raw stupid people:

- Sao Kha Nguyen know?

Kha Nguyen suddenly laughs obesity:

- Why are you interested in starting sentences with "stars" than that?

- Raw is also quite well.

Even in the talk, Nguyen and her friend also the same, but still trying to make his argument differently. Kha Nguyen said:

- Several boys come here just to give someone bread alone. I met a lot already. Giving Who? Seeing you seem very determined.

Natural Kha Nguyen Nguyen saw a smile, it's a little bit stupid, basic to everyday trash that burns up in the sun, very interesting. Then lost all seemed wary initially, Nguyen told a small heard of him - her beauty your text layer, on Hieu - hot boy math classes, about the same feeling and it's sunny with Hieu Han, strawberry mousse cake to taste of the Han, the race between it and Hieu, the initiative to do more than break bread bread shop and give it to Linda's in the party's traditional year-end block 11. Kha Nguyen listening to me laugh laugh, said:

- Yuan period and so truly, certainly He would "pour the jam" to consider.

Speaking laughed so instead so small that the natural surface at that sad to strangers. Both raw shorter.

* * *

Every class to make this bread, Highlands, there is a different perspective on Kha Nguyen. She look very dry but soft, thin but strong. To survive in the new class, she'll say when you had to remember old friends, old school, plow hard to complete the program's long ngoang team. But the bakery's financial Kha Nguyen then be impeccable, raw after a time was her enthusiasm to help you were able to make strawberry mousse cake. The exam form and the coming end of year party. Kha Nguyen - thanks to a lovely nature and the chocolate cake meal offers very good hand to his gradually won the hearts of 24 members of a small child the rest of the class news. She actively encourages you to Highlands of mousse cake is important, but the smile still radiant attitude is quite embarrassing, especially when raw lay hands decorated the candies contain surface bright red strawberry mousse.

- Party fun nhé ^ ^ - Kha Nguyen said after the column to carefully strip the red ribbon around the box.

- Er, bewildered Nguyen, Kha Nguyen is not going tonight à party?

- Yeah, tonight Raw busy.

Kha Nguyen embarrassed smile and hurry away on defense, emaciated appearance, was tilting. Resources toward her friend, then do not understand why, it steps around long tables, bent down to rummage store raw materials and find some gelatine leaves and avocado green syrup colored boxes that you or to her own on a small shelf of the room. Then it withdrew mobile, dial Huy.

The students of the block 11, after lift off the uniforms and the clothes look on her beautiful looks different. Han appeared, she look pretty awful with stylized pink dress and curly hair disorders length release, as a lady, arrogant and distant period. Aerobic step up, look at Raw, and then he had to give him a box full of color, very classy, ​​open the lid of the box in the Han surprised everyone. Strawberry mousse cake with red berry Han names in twinkling lights, chocolate pieces in prominent letters Tours les jours, delicious. Just then, Kha Nguyen walked in, looked Nguyen Huy glance, former friends looking back full names seem to appreciate. Kha Nguyen today is horse tail hair as usual, still thin in avocado green dress casual, Kha Nguyen is to bring bread, cake gum. People admiring praise, but to cut a cake, nobody to work, strawberry mousse cake Hieu labels of attention has been too great. Try eating a raw piece of gum candy, very delicious. Kha Nguyen probably spent lots of time for this cake.

Between the parties, loud music make a headache Originally, it wanted to find a quiet place, they passed restroom, Raw hope to hear voices.

- Small thin layer of information when this is not it? Self-wheel to work? - Han raise my voice asked.

- Yeah, the cake looks funny, who died went to eat cake with the candy thing, right.

- Um, by He is able to be touched, hair slightly sticky dough that little longer there, perhaps out of bread containing its old hair. Tous les jours Hieu's medium to medium well, nothing but bread, then buy it, do not give that information to the consuming public, but no one bother to touch.

Raw silent, looking at the box red tie it carefully, quietly laughing to the effort it spent the last two months. Suddenly, Yuan went to see the ball run a thin, blue skirt hem s flag ...

cold cold, raw bothering themselves on the street near the bakery, shouting his name like:

- Oh Raw, Raw!

Suddenly it saw her at the bus stop a little sick group, huddled between the city. Originally released to, the key to tie it Kha Nguyen red box.

- Do you think that bringing this cake to her so?

small She scream, cry, boo, street lights, black skin is no longer outstanding, Nguyen did not know the blue dress or the delicate emotional Kha Nguyen shaking again. It surprised, aches, trembling hands opened the lid of the box, the candies contain butter tiny blue pavement still sparkling under the street lamps at night. Kha Nguyen quietly, quietly take one tablet into her mouth. Nguyen realized, before Han is just a habit, a target set in the Highlands with Hieu's race, the competition of two boys from school, sports field has moved through emotional moment or not. Originally occupied in pursuit of strawberry mousse cake so sweet that those who forget sweet gum is good too. Nguyen sat down next girl the same name, gave a small party headphones, iPod playback music up to hear that two children is common when making bread, whether Kha Nguyen always liked the insistence of Japan Tue up singing full of adventure, Raw is also loved Destiny's clear voice strange, but like all other areas, despite the opposition little opinion, it is important that both are the same like this song. Melodies resound ...

On the new, a tomorrow
Yes, sunshine bright pink
Have you, be you
new day, a tomorrow
Still just as familiar
Still innocent, still me
As dawn began

- Chewing gum is not long as he is, has only How many times.

- Eh, too much demand, we have done for quite raw and processed, but again> <

- Ha ha, only Tomorrow I'm back to teach you ...

Yes, tomorrow will be a very different ...

a new day tomorrow will be unlike
be fun, would you
On the new one will follow tomorrow

sleep Shred the rain the night
it Please please please me and dawn ... (*)

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