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Strange days

The first day we were strangers, I thought you would be hard to overcome this terrible moment, keep calm so that you go through, feeling a little ripple. Day he turned his back on you, knowing that sooner or later come, but why it suddenly and unexpectedly surprised to make me dizzy.

I tired to work and frustrated with life right now. I no longer feel passionate to live, to work as before. And unconscious, of old habits, nag you again fussy with his lament. Yet, I can not understand, but how that statement makes me like that again. The words danced before his eyes just as fun to tease. Moment, it seems that they have exhausted their strength and could not speak and could not find the words to tell him I understand. So, I just know obediently follow what he requested, and finally, when my soul completely, I realized that I had made him turn back to me, forever. Today, the first day we become strangers, the feelings in me seemed to have no existence, so I feel calm, did not know that because I do not feel pain or perhaps because they too sore to numb not realize you're hurt. People tend to say that the other side is a rocky shore safely, but the stars seem to have the waves engulf all that belongs to you and me. I was angry because his son is too young, angry with yourself because you never think about his emotions. Now, all poured out and shattered, I also want to hook up with the Games. I must start learning to walk alone, no one is fussy when you are bored, no one to share those when you're tired, no one encouraged the children broke down when, and nobody for you princess entitled to walk. Clear so down, but then you also will not walk alone. The day began without him.

Le Nguyen Son Thuy

According Ngoisao

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