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The story of a young teacher (part 2)

Teachers decide to publish an ad as follows:
Send President Clinton and everyone around the world

What's most stolen away more lives each year than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murder, suicide, drugs and fires combined?

The children have made this ad, and I'm a little piglet because of background from a state produces more tobacco, I do not want to upset anyone. I expressed this concern with your child and then a woman named Carmela told me: "No, sir master. Not because we come from this state that we do not dare to have opinions , separate opinion why? ".
Master role addressing the same fax number on the ad and waited nervously awaiting a response. Unfortunately, our school is located in the countryside should not be there at that time and unable to write email addresses on our Internet was.
Date this ad was published, I could not have emerged in a newspaper, by USA Today newspaper is not published in our countryside. However, the impact of advertisements that are felt by everyone before I get to class, we have received more than hundred pictures fax.

As soon as I turn into the parking lot of school, teacher Barbara Johns, as he is in the parking lot, glad hastily shouted: "You must come to the office now! Turn off your vehicle go! I'll take the car into the parking lot. " Run into office, the first picture I held up a fax sent from the reader Prime Minister of Canada. There are also pictures from around the fax, your dear friends, clubs, doctors in Mumbai, India ... and many others from anywhere that I can think of.

When the children to school, teachers and pull up the office. The radio stations around the country also played our ads and called on his readers respond with calls of their answers. The frantic radio call for us to ask the right answer is, just as the children are busy on duty over the telephone to chat with thousands of readers.

have children to be interviewed by television journalists. The fax images from around the world flock to fence barrier, but the kids like to jump off the roof so excited! Teachers also shared the overnight stay in school to direct a fax machine. The fax sent to radiation during the night. Around 3am, I received a fax on that picture writing "Please call our master" with the phone number listed below.

I called back and it's a casino, where people have put this question into topics betting for one correct answer. People at this casino has called me to know exactly the right answer to those who presented awards to winning. It's fun!

What's fun in knowing many people belonging to different classes to join and answers to hear their answers. Answer some funny and interesting most common are: lack of food, guns, fell into the water tank, James Bond, love, heart attack, abortion, old age, the thrill, ignorance , time, greed, the tongue ...

By this time teachers had received 7,000 letters and gifts from around the world to send. In the ad, the teacher has promised to write a reply to each person, so the kids have to meet on the seventh day, including holidays and after school to write answers for each person to report let them know the right answer is smoking.

The students became known, appeared in the national news programs and on the front page of dailies across the state. An excitement gripped the project, and the kids start each day as head high school with a proud look.

After a week of uninterrupted reply, turning the school office to the temporary headquarters of their own teachers and into the heart of the traditional media, we finally received the answer that we wait so long.

The White House called and reported that first lady Hillary Clinton will give us a call at 11:45 am on Friday to give her answers and the president, and will argue about the dangers of smoking with the students. All teachers are excited and proud. We prepare meals to go into a press conference last week for the whole community can be present on that day.

When people - local leaders, entrepreneurs, farm owners, family and friends - both sitting in the library, we can not feel a clear Gas excitement and a sense of community. Teachers have to wear new clothes so that everyone can look like the most beautiful festivals.

The class and I sat at the table in the library, next to the dozens of cameras and journalists. I stared at by the clock ... 11g43 ... 11g44 ... Then I thought, "What happens here if she did not call, she said. But then the phone rang.

Library already silent at this dead silence. Everyone watched breathlessly as every word seemingly short time. Hillary Clinton spent time talking to individual students and debate on issues of health questions that we suggested. End the call, Clinton said: "You know, I'm holding a letter which the president and I have written for your classes, including our response. We can mail to you, but we think the best is that we will personally give you. "

Then I notice a message that everyone was shocked. I had conversations with the White House during the past week, and both sides had arranged for the students to the White House next week to meet with presidential families. This will be a life-changing event for students, because most of them have never stepped out of his state.

first time when we are informed of the invitation to the White House, the principal had asked me not to announce this to everyone I know until the full amount of movement needed designed to bring all students to go. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Austin, one of the school's secretary, began calling for businesses that we can think of to get sponsorship. I quickly realized that anyone I call it everyone willing to help the children and look forward to contributing in whatever way they can.

Wherever I referred to, the situation is similar. The community is also available to help teachers demonstrate as long as we show our work seriously, and give the reason to see their donations are helping to make a move certain variables. Only a few days for the entire cost of the trip was the local business sponsors, they all agree that needs to be kept secret until this news was announced during a press conference.

End call, to answer the request of Mrs. Clinton invited us to the White House, I said in tears in her eyes that I can not deny whether I would have difficulty How towel. "Now the boy, the uncle look at the business community around the comment ... Yes, they are good enough to sponsor our class, and last week, we'll go all Washington, DC! ".

Both burst onto Library cheering applause. Journalist Sandra Harris of Channel 9 television station also rang. Bring surprises for the students and the community is one of the greatest moments in my life. Joy, excitement and appreciation reflected in the faces of the students is one of the main reasons I decided to continue teaching. How can I turn away from opportunities can have such a strong impact to the children's life right?

After the excitement settled down, I started organizing the trip. I think things will offset the departure of the ear, but you start calling around where the hotel, map out a route, then back to smooth things fall into place.

teachers hit the road next week to Washington DC along with many journalists in the local newspaper. Delegation visited the National Conservatory of Music, Capitol and all major museums. Last day in DC, the delegation visited the White House. A staff of tour guides for groups, and teachers are the only group at that time. We are allowed to roam, photographing nature at home.

After the tour, teachers are brought to the East Room. The room is decorated with a giant Christmas trees hung with lights on. Finally, the president and his wife entered the room and talk to the kids. President kneeling on the floor talking to each child, while Mrs. Clinton going around with an adult text chat. When t
o see me, she said, "Well sir, I realized he read a newspaper through it" and I replied: "Well, ma'am, but I realized by watching television she looks like."

When teachers returned to North Carolina again, the kids still want to finish this project. To keep this project alive longer than a short time, the teacher re-start writing a book called adventures around the world through the words of others to tell the entire project.

The kids have so many emotions and memories associated with the project and I feel very lucky that the teacher was able to gather and write the feelings at the time. 20 years later I know some of you will read this book for your children to listen and then hopefully they will relive the great feeling that day.

This is an experience sure only once in a lifetime, but I have the good fortune to have experienced many similar events with her students in her rural school.

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