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The story of a young teacher (part 1)

story of a young teacher in North Carolina, United States party
... I was with the children embarked on a project which led to a big surprise that I have interfered. This has forever changed my life and the students.

It all started when I lecture them about newspapers, and they proved embarrassing not understand the page carry ads are like. I decided to give them away free to advertise in newspapers that the children can understand the work was carried out stars. I took the money for each student to post the ad, because I want to take ownership for her project. Then I instructed them to newspapers for advertising.
Immediately, they want to sell a Lexus in the ads for cars, but they do note that: "We're not where Lexus does." Finally, the teacher decided to sign a puzzle and ask readers to write answers. The first puzzle of teachers is "the largest island in the world do? If you know, please reply to our class," and together with the addresses below.

Since that day, every day, teachers along with waiting to see what order did not respond. Surprisingly, teachers received 10 letters of different people in many areas. The kids enjoyed it because there is no right answer, and they write back to each person with the right answer is the island of Greenland.

The kids were very excited to receive the letter that they decided to sign to many puzzles in newspapers across the state. The project was not a lesson on newspaper ads anymore, but the students are being opened for knowledge from those who write letters to our class. For many responses, teachers and even written signs and forwarded to the local supermarket, even send a puzzle to both the radio.

Very soon after that, our teachers have received dozens of letters every day from around the state sent. Sender when a doctor, lawyer, the same horse farm owners and how the Arab people from all different industries. In this way, the students in a small town with 600 people are learning about life outside their town. This entire process is essential for children which has too little experience of life outside their communities.

The kids proved extremely interested in this project that one day a friend named Luke said: "You, sir, I think we need global step with this project" . Did you mean to post that puzzle in a newspaper published throughout the world. An idea seems very good! So I decided to send Luke to contact the office of the newspaper USA Today to try asking price of a 4x5cm area is how much advertising money.

When turned on, hands on hips against Luke and solemnly declared to me by my southern accent to her: "It is best to sit down, sir master." You told me the ad price is $ 12,000. At first I did not believe and after class I was free to contact the newspaper to confirm. I realized that Luke was right and I was shocked how a tiny ad can only register once, but so horribly expensive!

After discussion with students, I explained to them that what we can not dig out a huge sum like that. However, students do not want to give up easily like that. They begged me to try to do her teachers and then embarked on a fundraising campaign. I told them that I can do anything to make money with the children such as selling bread, sold candy, anything except wash the car because I hate the queen car wash. But that Saturday, the teacher went to wash the car.

A few weeks later, when those jobs are filled fundraising "creative" we also stalled, I received a call from the newspaper USA Today. A newspaper editor is Baraloto Joan told me that someone had seen my classes are going on TV fundraising, and that he wanted to donate the money needed this class to advertise. I immediately asked who gave her name, and she said that he just wants to be known as "Father Christmas" only.

Only three weeks to Christmas, and this name appears to be compatible with a full contribution to such generosity. I rush to class and tell the kids. Listening to me, they cheered like crazy, and asked "Who gave us this money?". I smiled: "Santa Claus looks like." Luke looks at me suspiciously and said: "Teachers, parents do not earn the money first emerged."

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