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The story of the man with the ugly face

our house along the road to a hospital. We lived downstairs, while upstairs for rental. The tenants are our outpatients of the hospital that.

One summer evening, when I was about to finish eating dinner when he heard a knock at the door . I opened the door, slightly startled when he saw a man who truly awful. I bowed. I see clearly worried facial spots man with redness. However, when he opened his mouth again, the voice so friendly, "Hello. I went to see my family room for a night without sleep. I am in the east coast, have been coming here since morning. But when I finished the last bus of the day it ran. "

He said he went looking for room from noon but could not find out. "I guess my face was as she feared, as well as the motel owner was so I did not dare to stay. I know it looks terrible. But the doctor said it can overcome part ".

Seeing me hesitate, he said," I can sleep in a rocking chair in the hallway. Morning by morning the bus will be. "

I told him that we would find him a bed, but it will also be listed in the hallway. I go in and finish eating dinner. I asked the man did not want dinner, he declined. After eating, I went out to talk to his lobby.

He said he was fishing to feed his family and helping his daughter with her husband and her five children. They all have been paralyzed can not sit.

He did not say the cause of the condition his ugly face, but in all its words express a belief he is grateful to God because I am lucky to have: but that ugly but he did not suffer pain from the red spots on my face, he is healthy enough to work, and especially he can still go back be - fortunate than many of his relatives.

We list a cot in the room for his children.

In the morning when I wake, quilts pillows were neatly arranged on a cot. The man has a small patio. He refused breakfast, but before leaving he offered a gift: "I can come back here and next time when I come for treatment? Do I will pay. I can sleep on chairs. " He paused a moment and then added: "These kids give me her feel at home. Many adults are often uncomfortable when looking at my face, but the child does not seem to mind."

I told him that he could return. And he has to, after 7 days, gives us a fish that I've ever seen. He said he was doing the morning before we got here, so they are very fresh. I know that he went to the bus departs at 4 am and I do not imagine he had to get up from time to fish. If you know that he had to go 3 miles to get to the bus station, see the value of gifts that he gives us.

I recall the comments of neighbors, after he first came to us, saying, "She had that ugly men sleep last night you? I drove him to it. She might lose his guest for that."

We may have lost a few guest. However, I think, if they know his situation, know where they will see the difficulties they are experiencing what life was too pleasant than illness, the circumstances of the old man. For us, he is a valuable customer. From him, we have drawn a lesson for life: Do not complain or mood to be dominated by the risks they face, and instead think about the good things, but good luck we are, in his appreciation of life.

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