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Story 2 of stealing sheep

In a rural country, has two other brothers too hungry, you have also invite each other to steal the sheep farmers in the region. Unfortunately, two brothers arrested. Villagers given a penalty is engraved on the forehead I got two letters "ST", meaning that military theft (abbreviated from the word stealer).

not stand the shame, the people he has fled to another area to live tight pink buried past. But you never forget the shame that whenever someone asks him about the meaning of two letters "ST" Damn it.

But the children, he said to himself: "I can not give up confidentiality of those around them and of myself." So he remained in his homeland. Soon he had built for themselves a career as well as English as a benevolent aromatic. He is ready to help others with all their might. However, even though time has passed, the two letters "ST" is still imprinted on his forehead.

One day a stranger asked a village elder of the two meanings of this letter. Old man thought a moment and then replied: "I do not know the history of the two-letter abbreviation that, but just look at his life, I guess the word that means holy person (saint)."

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