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Still me

day I remember very clearly that" the first time I met you ", which is not very good day, but for a nice day Best, his happiest days, days he gave me heaven for him.

Even if people laugh at me again, but for a beautiful day, she walked into heart, by chance, he could nothing to me, but for me, you may be the world. Know how to say it? He has loved you right from the first meetings was that.
We are no longer the boy she has a lot of changes, loss, trauma. I remember he once said to me: "nothing in the world forever," in fact he had lied, love is the second invariant, if asked, distance or time, or geographic are meaningless and my love for you also like to win, never change, if there is only love you more.

There are times I imagine I see my hands in hand with others, he almost broke down, because he gave me his heart and soul, And ... I claim God has deprived of light eyes, for him not to see this suffering can still let me continue to love you, even if it unilaterally ... (imagine something like this should not ), .. hihihi

I work the streets, the cold winter night, well, nobody would see him crying tears of love for a girl is for you That, dear.
Tonight he dreamed you, I see you smile, if only you knew how happy he is not? Then he woke up, feeling happy at this time had completely disappeared and instead a great emptiness in my soul, scared of loneliness ... Then he sat there, quietly looking at the night, such as seen in my life so.
He is wrong not to love? But you will never regret the mistake ...

Though you can never read the center line of this, although we will never become a couple, even though you never feel your love ... He still will always pray for you to be happy, for heaven He gave me happiness, that I'll be the happiest man on earth, that your boyfriend will love you as I now ... If you suffering for the people to suffer will be you, pray for love will reign forever in your heart, your smile will never be shut down forever ... If his prayers have been fulfilled, then even in place "or hell on earth", he would always smile ... because he loved you ...

University Ca Hai

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