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Steps to forgiveness

• Do not wait for an apology. "Normally we are supposed to know how to protect her: 'No reason for me to forgive him unless he first acknowledged and sorry for my mistakes, 'Mariah Burtom Nelson, author of The unburdened heart: Five keys to forgiveness and freedom (roughly translated: Heart disengaged: 5 key selfless and help you relax), said.

"But if we do it (accept forgiveness before he received an apology), we will avoid mind being worn by the wrath of equality What time do not get so few, and often we ourselves are the ones to suffer the damage caused by the anger it caused. This is what else you set yourself the joy, the pleasant serenity of the self into the hands of others?

• Find ways sympathetic to insult . Your actions offend his or her starting perhaps by burying a certain pain, and they must use it as one of the ways to protect themselves. "There is a question I often remind myself: behind any act rude, often a heartbreaking story," Nelson said.

Try swapping between your location and offender. By doing this you have to gradually remove yourself the frustration in the hearts containing less then there. One of the only offensive when stakeholders are not well understood only. And Dr. Robert Karen added: "We also forgets one thing that even those who love us (or those we love) is ink sometimes inevitably hurt, and may betrayed us both. But above all, this is not required to sign away to the termination of a relationship with them. "

• Please do not forget that you yourself has also caused many mistakes. Look at the facts to see that other people can forgive yourself, then why can not I do this?

• Make "play" a bit. "If you can not do this through any action is hard to make sure you have real forgiveness," Worthington said. For example, you can hold a decent rock in his hand and drop it down when you say "I forgive, or you can also light a candle and think of what is contained in the heart will gradually disappear as The other is from the candle wax from melting.

Remember that forgiveness is not forgetting. Sometimes, though sad story that happened a long time and you also have forgiven but not avoid the throbbing heart suddenly minutes after a similar accident to occur. So, you are advised to regularly refresh their first drilling on a few aspects.
After all, forgiveness is also for people to forgive themselves.

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