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I once said that the phrase "step-parent" is only a contingency titles that people attach to those who are married parents with children with first husband or wife just because a simple reason that all things or the relationship must have a name to call. Since this is only really meaningful when insiders actually be accepted as a true parent. "There is no piece of language" is what I think being a mother of four children of my husband's own.

We come together for six years, and also time until then, I'm with him to care for children in adulthood. Even though the children live primarily with her mother but we also have more time together. For years, all we are very inclusive and trying to make a new family life in harmony and easier. We spent holidays together, eating meals with the family, along side the kids do homework, play basketball, watch movies together in the evening. It seems everything is fine. But I still feel like a guy flanking the edge, a Protestant, although invisible, but every effort I still can not overcome. There is a world of family members, but except me. I feel so unhappy because I will never feel the divine love between mother and child.

When the children to follow their mother moved to another city, a place we in about 5 hours drive, my husband has really collapsed. He was so loved them. Nothing can fill the gaps of the children. Finally we choose the solutions communicate with each other Instead of using traditional media, we use e-mail and chat to contact at any time.

Ironically the Modern media can help people to shorten the geographical distance, but it makes people far apart on me emotionally. If a mail sent to the recipient's address as "Dad" immediately made me feel a guys just abandoned. And if my name appears in later that day for me is a festival. I felt like I was an integral part of the family. There are always gaps to be overcome, and the gap was growing increasingly distant and I'm tired.

On one evening while my husband is hypertrophic pro on the sofa, I they are glued to the screen, then get a message. That is Margo, eldest daughter of my husband. Also as usual, we send messages back and forth to each other inquiries. When we chat in this way then she should know it's not chatting with someone: me or his father. Just except it has something to say with his own. And that day it did not bother to ask and I will not reveal that he is talking to it rather than my husband. After a hearing it after the ordination from the ratio volleyball match yesterday, a lecture on history that a party must do, and upcoming dance at school. She has a habit of telling things like that to heal his father. I told it late, it must go to bed to go to school tomorrow morning. It replied: "Ok! Talk to you later! Love You"

When I came here to see our natural infinitely sad and I realized that maybe it perfect yet "talking to its parent. and I never sent it to each other such words of love. I feel guilty because it did not know I was talking to it. Although very well to say that I also love it very much. I only reply. "Good night!"

I came off the distance to the intangibles that you never can cross that saw sharp pain as the mail was received without his name. Before I had to shutdown, I get a message "Tell the Minister announced that night, she nhé !!!!"

My tears rush for a fun hard described. Joy the first time I really made her

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