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Step toward a mature love

After Here are some signs are starting to show my progress to a more mature love. - I noticed the people I have something "more" is different from what I learned in past and do not share with her lover. There are parts of me that I try to forget or even not accept there is in me. It might be the weaknesses or strengths. My share of people is the challenge greater than I thought.

- I dare to share with the people who love me. This means finding ways to share best ideas and most secret sentiments, as well as the needs, expectations and dreams. Regardless of how the interfaces, I can always answer the question: "What the most difficult for me to tell you today?" Unlike the romantic period, is the feel "safe" to share ideas and feelings hidden individual, now trying to share more fully on my own is expressed through the " fear, "but I despite. Sentiments most visible during this period as "vulnerable" rather than "safe."

- From personal experience, I found the best way to share style This is very scary to admit it, and try to believe that fans will accept me who I am. It is the kind of trust that people flying trapeze in a circus when they should have let go of the swing, tossing people around not to grab the flying trapeze of the other side. The practice will help this easier, but it always involves risk and less worry! Certainly not boring!

- I'm beginning to see the risk sharing arising love more strong. It helps both of us more freedom to become his own man, and giving us the opportunity to trust each other. This is a "mature love", that is, loving someone because the people no matter their shortcomings.

Note: When you say that love can only catch mature when the romance is over does not mean that those who love romance mature do not know. In the successful marriage, both spouses continue to seek to bring the romance back in their mature love. As well as more chefs tasting flavor in the food normally, the people that love is always seeking to add a romantic element to the affair. Mature lovers know that not only Valentine's Day is celebrated once every year.

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