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Sorry to have deceived trot

For some reason, you have deceived him trot and now you feel very sorry because what I did. So please apologize to him but it was the right way.

You come to apologize, not to justify. So please get your error. Tell him that you know what you did was wrong but now you want to fix. When you say you both sincere in his eyes, words and gestures. If you insist justify, explain to mitigate "crime" then you just make him feel more frustrated only.

Do not demand forgiveness from him right away, you give him time to think about what happened. Please know that patience and wait. If you truly love him, you can do.

After apologizing, let him be "controlled" in a time when you are still not out of suspicion. Rebuild trust after it collapsed once is not easy. Deliberately kept secret or expressed discomfort at this time controlled only make the situation only deteriorated.

Hua sure the person that you ended the relationship then the other. If necessary to prove to him that your sincerity, you can change jobs, phone numbers or do anything to get away from each other.

You should always remember that, sorry to be accompanied by action, not talking. Try to put yourself in my position and see him in that case you would have them do whatever they please do so.

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