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So I called him last nhé

I tried to find a reason why you can love, forgive him and he was nua.Em gap age, but it is not the reason for me not love him, you know age is just a number that does not exist in a crystal when two people love each other iu long.Anh smaller children 3 years old but it's enough to make you I feel that younger children how to think of him and other children like? what he needs in himself, he needs a shoulder, a Point object from you? or he is needed most can not be weak in front of you?

I do not say that Im always right, but I believe you gave him advice that he needs. You and I together, but the remote can not stop love love for preventing e anh.Nguoi often say how far our side, but you think maybe this time he a.Nhung I was wrong then why did you leave world, love love to be an empathy between the two hon.anh mind and you do not also shared a beat you?. I watched rain fall suddenly realized one thing, you and I love you does not exist to become the rhythm of two hearts, we come together too fast, too fast and the price as we do truocs when you come together, what a story today it? But not so that he have the right to disrespect you, to hurt the fun of anh.Voi you, I do not know how he nhwung believe me, maybe paranoid, they see you only believe you a bit, because ư stars! because I need a mature man, with a clear mind, heart, selflessness, generosity ... (I have not required too.)

One more thing I do not believe him absolutely, that's between you and I have a third person, you do not want to mention this and I do not blame anyone, because in the story love is not anyone speaking, rational and moral control can not be left tim.nguoc thank you again, he also took care of him, comforted him make anhvui when you can not do it for you . I tried to find their own reasons to love you You can try many times nua.Em reason to believe she loved him very nhieu.Nhung of the reasons I find there is a truth that you do not want In England it was accepted without Em.
I've gotten him aside reason to believe that people still need me, yeuem and desire to build a home with children (like the things I said) . But all the reasons that I and He shows no real love. Only then we will break up as friends, we would like people who accidentally passed by, glanced at each other and walked in a hurry I will not be part of his from here gio.Em I can only call this last only, boy! UK happiness you very much!

by cobedethuong651 @ yahoo . com

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