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"If so charming, we will meet again"

It set the blast, close quick comment and re-folding laptop. It'd slept, really long, really drunk, asleep to forget everything away. I forgot again ...
Can you hear the wind
clink cheers English style flexibility to meet
wind bell wind caressing each
little spare room Play a song
song love song ... "Where is love to fade over days. All folded, stored in neat looking, that's all ... "

It set blast, close quick comment and re-folding laptop. It'd slept, really long, really drunk, asleep to forget everything away. I forgot again ...
- I'm sorry. He did not want to make you sad like this where.
- Is it like this do not you?
- ...

- "Love begins with smiles, raised by a kiss and ends with tears. "Is this like how he ?-----
" I must get up. Only to wake up. Do not hesitate any longer. Wake up! "It caught his own escape from intermittent sleep playing the dream. Wash the toilet, instead of the most beautiful Boho skirts of it, and the hair drop out. Double pierced the foot of the concrete, it stopped. Double pierced his finger to give it white. To laugh softly to himself, it picked up two sandals and threw it in the cabinet. Later on it will place all of his gifts into a box and locked tight. But this is the story of "little while." For now, it's going to meet a person.

- Xinh younger generation? Look not seem to be just the break up with lovers.
- But I. Hehe, he is busy, this time also crowded. I sat talking for a while.
- Okie, at the table in the same light.
It likes to talk to him Wins. Normally he looks away error "silly" would, but the strongest romance love love him, because he is very psychological. He owned a very popular cafe. At his age, but doing so it also is very talented. Wins his shop full of "substance" and can cross the blood artists. It was here that he met sir .. No, stop.
- What, my cousin? Anyway, where love is easy to fade over days, right? - Tequilla Sunrise I put a glass down in front of it.
- Anyway, it ended well. Done. Over. Definitely. Never to take more.

- Is the child so that. Calculate it, too, the guy ...
- Do not speak ill patrons no mistake! - It grabbed the heart.
- Personals are used instead of, cousin punched my pretty amazing is not it. - He Wins laughed. - To tell the truth but he is worried about you first ball, he can only make it that time, hehe.
- Why is that? I watched it now.
- My aunt stone cold my dear, where seven-love it also affect you, right? Love is love, love is all that you, and that each was from a tear in my way ...
- knows it.
- Come on moving subjects. Today the weather was nice, this pretty dress to go?
- Mega Up to you.
- Know immediately. No wonder from time to shop away te am. Workers will have to pick your boss to take that, hi hi.
Her Thang ới a household employee in the shop, then record the lead car to pass it off. It is found naturally lucky to have a brother like this their own way. Sunny, few clouds, a handsome blow his ear, passes it to the movies. What a sad break up any where ...
- Movies How
- Do not know. Where to watch.
- Ac. My 85K! Are you my dear, next time do not be heart broken to find him again nheee.

It Wins punched his back then giggled. A voice phone ringtones. His Thang. Looks like a sister pp. Alas, it asked the two siblings is crazy. Best Couple ever seen it.

- Page are close by. Do you want to see her page now?
- At the time, you are free to go about that. Spare me any day to her home after the game.
- "Home of" self about how? Remember that she has lost him his motorbike and know the handsome nhé!
- Haiz. So it goes with him. No mood to go out with two people love dearly ...
anything - before I get the car down. Every butterfly that deliberately dress down nhé!

Laugh. It hates the cramped elevator. Emergency opening, it goes down, well, actually dancing stairs two at a time. In the past it or go with him like this. Haphazard busy thinking, suddenly it hit a person. Almost shouted it, may promptly stopped and apologized. Like him too, just to weird. From gait, stature to the smell emitted Hugo Boss tasted sweet. Look closely who had just hit back. No, facial expressions and his smile is not the same. Sage does not like him ...

- Wear skirts that I walk so violent? - The guy grinned.
- I was sorry then that.
- Yeah, that's a nice day like this, sister to the movies alone?
- Not me too you? And I do not go alone.
- Yeah, because tomorrow is his birthday then.
- Spring related. - It's a hole straight talk, and suddenly noticed it and he is going down together ....
- One of the things to do before 18, is to try going to the movies alone.
- copy. May be you also a year to try it. Well before you go.
- Yeah. If the coast, we will meet again.
It again slowly walking down upon her dress, swinging in every beat of her feet.
- Do a little . Suddenly he wanted to buy flowers pp.
- Pottery, presented set back natural world.
- Today the weather was nice, hehe. Cup sunflower or save now?
- Save ly. And I hate to call it like that. Forget-me-not better.
- Well, looks like sunflower page over there. Sitting in the cafe at the back over there.
- Yeah. But naturally I want to walk a bit. Do not tell her that you came with me. I take a taxi slices of well being.
Wins shrugged, then held the flower color of sunshine reporters traveling. He was too familiar with his erratic nature of it. It nhoen jokes, funny stroll walk away from the flower.
- I bought cup sunflower or save?
- Let me save the divorce. Actually, I like to call it a forget-me-not more.
It startled back. Is the guy a while ago. White Vespa. Overwhelmed. He also saw it, and (again) grinned:
- EU!
- I do not watch you?
- Well, I think back then, I'll see rates 21h30. At its new í watch a fun, hehe. Where to go? Sit with him a little coffee now?
- None. - She walked away, laughing silently in the abdomen. Where people overly confident. Moreover, it buckled.
- What if you gave me bunch of forget-me-not this?
15 minutes later.
- British girl-killer is a true professional.
- Why baby knows, hehe?
- Right from the first sentence he told me, I saw that already.
- Copy. Baby is not just what kind of baby. Well go take notes. I gotta go. See you later baby.
- Okay.
He bent over his glass of Tequilla Sunrise. Silent for a moment. He sat still lingering problems, such as waiting for something. A moment later, he said:
- The baby is not for you contact you?
- None. I just met him 30 minutes. I just need to know what his name is only.
- So be it. Tuan Anh is. If there is grace, we will meet again.
He laughed, then got up and went. It nodded, then bent down. The eyes have it touched bundles with forget-me-not blue weird. Realized just then his smile would not be proud Tuan and more clever at first. But gentle. Much like you ...
It hugged the flowers, to his customary seat Wins. It suddenly glanced down the bar. Long it has not used the desktop. Open the machine and sign in Yahoo. Nick he is bright. But there is no status at all. It said he was sad. British capital was quiet and introspective. He understands it better than anyone, and to a time that he found it too different you. So goodbye. It surprised many that she is not encumbered. P
erhaps it was emotional for me just a vague sentiment and children. What the rest of it he just memories of a big brother, one love "big." Tuan natural smile showing on the top of it. It is laugh at yourself, then stared at the picture flower forget-me-not blue it has set as desktop background.
- If there is grace, we will meet again.
Heavens, sitting here, but it also heard his voice à weekend. It turned to headphone volume. Is that what it is to remember about a person it met two hours ago?
- If there is grace, we will meet again, baby it?
It jumped and I looked up. Tuan is grinning.
- Asia! What are you doing here?
- He was the mild form to ask me questions there. What are you doing in this restaurant, even sitting at the bar cutting mode again?

- This is my cousin's shop. He is the right new customers, or come here during which I had once seen him here where?
- Yeah, new lovers are only a week. - Last week, and pull the seat, facing it.
- Heaven and earth, he referred me today or something. Where to go and see him ah.
- I also think so. Where to see the ball well nè Boho skirt. Mega tonight to do then, just one last performance before his show there only 18.

- Yes, sir, "replied the Pop. Do you drink?
- A Mimosa go.
- He is not old enough to drink champagne you '.
- Hogwash. I love nothing more Tequila. Come on, sign out to Yahoo. Sitting here that he also heard the buzz from headphone, ear care really.

It is awkward to remove and turn off your headphones. Mimosa in the stomach cup orange light for Tuan, it felt her heart beat faster. Really dead, it just met him over 2 hours.

- A, forget-me-not his nè. I plugged it well, with the aesthetic eye seats.

- Well, I'm pretty picky in flower arrangements.

- Well, a while ago I bought a road wind bell. Ceramic light, strange? White. Look simple but very nice. Nè gave me.

- Why is that? He certainly is full of people to donate, why me?

- For you and me today is charming, hehe.

It chimes hanging up the price temporarily to ly on top of it. Recognized as white look really nice. White has been haunting him long, long time. Because white is the color of his. But he never gave it a white wind chimes like this. He only said "child." And it told me different than that ...

- daydream what the?

- Think about ex.

- So thought to go. Face looks great now, haha.

He frowned, glared Tuan a play. Kiss The Rain music sounded, spread throughout the small restaurant. It is sitting here, wearing its most beautiful dress, facing a handsome guy and very good. Why at this time I think of it? It is thought he dahoan all belong to the past then the house! It looks blue flowers, wind chimes look white are shaking gently. It was a "pretty little flowers," How's it sir you may forget you go? Where love easily fade over months on? ... Highest pitches sounded as well as a tear falling from his eyes. Tuan reached out and brushed away the seeds. Long ago it feels to see a warm hand touched his face. Convention is an arms embracing it, so it felt small and should be carrying mask. Convention has a light touch hands, warm. As at this time.

One hand held up again, put it on the cheek. Is this is a "heavy cold", as Tuan too much like him? It certainly does it, because it met last week but only 2 hours ....
- I'm sorry. Maybe you can not ... - It removed Tuan hands, and said quickly.
- I know. You go here. Remember to hold the spare room of his home nhé.
Long time it met a new wind is ringing spare room.
- You know, we have the condition. From the moment I ran into him this morning, he was feeling. Hello.

It is incredible how it is sitting here, waiting for him. His main message date it first. It's the right time to phone you. How children, it will apologize to him, saying it will not forget him, and it will ...
- Hello.
He rolled his eyes. Is not surprised to see him. He's all still, still dressed simply, Hugo Boss still home, still gentle smile. It is surprising, because ...
It did not feel anything.
Not miss a bit.
Not like it just imagine.
It tries to calm down, and invited him to sit. Try to free yourself struggling to understand this. And he heard his voice warm:
- I understand that you. Entry through the line and tell no comment. Over the status of children.
Oh, it was crying. What, no cry. Why are you crying?

- I've met you, and thought that was a meaningful experience for her. And finally realized that he was not born to me and can only let you go ... But when one door closes, another door opens. Articles need to do is stop waiting for the place closed doors, find the other door is open for you, my dear brother ...

Every sentence he slowly made her cry more and more . Why children do not realize it, the morning at the cafe that day ...
It's like I Tuan died.

Despite misconceptions that this was a massive feeling of sunshine, but now it can not deny anymore. By now, it no longer can see you once a week anymore. It do not believe it "charming" of him. It's stupid. To name it he did not know, it's not the phone number for him. Stupid. Too stupid.

- Thank you very much.
And it runs home.

Lying in bed, wearing for tears wet the pillow, eyes closed it. Two and a half hours it met Tuan is the time it is most alive, and not assume fake deer. But now he is where? Already a week. Perhaps he has forgotten it died. It's just a strange wind in his glance, and he chased it away. Or, it is a delicate white flower of the wall, he was scared and lost?

It sat up, type a really long entry. Entry windy, sunny, with Boho skirts, and have a flexible style. Suddenly it's silent. Look up the room hanging on the window components. At the bell inside the ceramics, with a small pen line.

"You know, we have grace."

And his phone number ! Citrus stem just so happy, it send a message to him. Boho dress and then wear it the first day he met. Despite it's eyes were red and swollen after the game crying. Despite the disheveled and this is the afternoon sun. It runs as flying to his cafe Wins, running like flying to get to meet him ... He was sitting there
free time. The design was, the face and sharp humor was clever. Like a miracle - ah no, it is our fate that - he turned to look at it. And place it out, hugged by a bunch of white walls vy.
- Just wait there a long time baby, but I know that you will find him. Tears are not you?
- What, just go sun ... - It Wit argued it as the world capital stubborn, then suddenly bent over laughing. - Um.
- "Yes" instead, he was a week and know Nhon then, hehe.
He smiled, laughed a long time it just naturally like this. The first time in a young man, it finds peace.
- We have his grace, right?
Vy and gently nodded his shoulder based input. From today, apart from a small spare room to awaken it, flowers vy wall will vibrate the window every morning.

... The style spiritual beliefs should really go
Wind and will return
He, too, will be on your side forever
To shorten wind bells, jingle

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