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Snow angels

Sometimes love is in the moment can only
but the power of that moment will forever everlasting
overcome barriers
boundaries of life

Since very young, I like winter. I love snow, and like to play in the white space was endless. I love the taste of warm fragrant cup of hot chocolate is great that she or phase for me every time I get cold and shiver with cold after skiing on.

But winter snow never be poured right on my birthday, though I was born on the first day of winter. Same goes for any birthday, I woke up really early, running right up to the window, hoping to see even just a moment, tiny snowflakes. But the snow began to fall just after my birthday and rushed quickly melted before the warm rays of spring. That day, I asked her why angry snow did not appear on my birthday. She did not answer me smile just sentimental.

One day, she told me that she still has a way to make my birthday with snow, so I share a birthday with the most complete, most happy. I am thankful, thank her and whistled.

However, that year, before she could celebrate my birthday, she passed away. While I am not only the pain of loss, but also mix a little more intense about not fulfill the promise.

And also to my birthday. I no longer think of the snow that day as the previous year as well. I think of her, to the first birthday without her. Buang sorrow I look out the window. Suddenly I saw the snow white smooth tiny baby is slowly falling in the yard - the pure snow season! I am happy to run around, his hand hit each snowflake white smooth, like the child was first seen snow.

He walked into the yard, make a gift for me. I was surprised because previously he had gifts for me. He gave me a small box, wrapped in layers of paper snowflakes. The box of old, ivory-colored paper. I nervously opened it. Between the buffer layer is a white snowflakes sparkling crystal and beautiful to stir the heart, along with a small card with the words "Happy Birthday to you".

He said That was the last gift that she had prepared for the sixteenth birthday for me. She wanted to make the dream of seeing snow on my birthday a reality. I hugged him, crying softly and whispered thanks, prayers for her. She is forever angel, my angel snow.

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