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Smiled, slid down and went home

- perfect scores in school, a good part time job, have your child psychology , a sweet flower love chicken ... but why Page saw his life bland and boring this ...

Page threw his backpack "uych" chair and folded his arms face down on the table. Those kids looked at each other around. Mi softly put his hands on almost: "forget it they are you, sir," sometimes have to "lie down" a bit and then will go up soon. "No, the whole page, it will not flood the air for eight stories, so little this error does little to read books or sit alone playing. Mi do not forget to put my hand on the back page: "Ever since I heard it all it offline." Page closed his eyes, smiling. Fortunately, it's still around like the kids. No, it will not cry Where does it just want to have a quiet moment alone. ...

*** These days very page or think, and think a lot of things . Full story odd, it did not want to tell Mi. Mi capital of the world is pink, it does not want to bother unveil what not. See page simply tasteless life. Study, the results are still good, still the high point, teachers are commended, but deep down, it always felt a bland, on each book page, each line of text, each test. It is immediate with the SAT and TOEFL exams to study dreams, while the secondary school it is almost irrelevant. Sometimes bored because everything repeats every day, sometimes it broke a few lessons. Oh, that is wrong, but rather through thrilling than doing something wrong than to calmly accepted what he has said before (hic!)

Then give each transcripts on, to hear the speakers praise of the mother, it felt terribly depressed. With her mother, is supposed to study well, it is a "natural" that it must be done in nearly 11 years of study. His mother always tried to be "a psychological parent," but it does not know how to explain her research is to sit out a few books on the "psychological 9X" then it is applied to a multitude of utmost mean! Maybe she also got bored with itself to guess the mood of her daughter, this mother should look at it more than talk. Anyway, the point of it is high time jobs were stable, it is still good, it floods you extremely well and (apparently) it does not indulge in romance. How is it assured her, and let it do what it wants.

I do not know that in addition to learning at school bored out, work part time the page is also gradually ... as boring. Capital is just as at home, search and information provided ideas for a newspaper online, the work seems very "intellectual" and "trendy" with a stable royalty. But as more than a year, the idea is increasingly running out, deadline to pull over, sometimes it also said when chatting with her manager, she sympathized and agreed to reduce the workload for it. It also means that it has a lot more free time, and well ... boring or more. Haizz.

*** - Army Well, tonight is not free, call the Home Army, OK?

- Probably not Then, last week to go. Military little busy today. Is there anything on the page are not always sms?

Folding mobile page, drop down bed. Busy, busy, busy, so this look at what forces were on sale! Although she always thought it Home "did not indulge in romance, but in fact Army and it was a pair of cotton chicken" is long gone. Two children still learn well, emotionally very clear, in itself felt no need to talk to me, no mother to buy coupon books for further research (!) The processor. All you really care about the troops or that, or ask and remind this page the night the odd page only, but enough to feel the spiritual one, someone to lean on and share. Squash again disappeared mysteriously, just as Page is that life is boring and tired like this ...

- all it is not you? - Mi grinned, raised it to the bottle of C2.

- ...

- Have I do? He forces you to do you? Layer it over a while ago, we told you this look it or break it learned much.

- Well ... - Page sighed softly. You may ask why not?

- We do not know it, but said that was not playing basketball or sitting army canteen, did not always electronic. I think it's doing something important there. Why do not you ask it straight away?

- Well. It just sure know how busy they are. Born at what exercises are you? - Page changed the subject. Mi frowned slightly and then back out for married couples Contents Page.

*** - I greet her.

- Today the world of late. Eat or drink anything for you?

- Well, I went to eat with Mi.

- I know that his house or eating late, but the child's age should not snack as much. A cup of milk tea that you can not no longer be, nothing is added fat. Early-make some dinner and eat lightly. 17 years old daughter, also must file ... Look at that page?

Page spread on the room while the mother was turned away from the movies. It's boring sentences repeated daily maternal ages. Close the door softly, change clothes and bed iPod headphone jack, dial the page called Mi. "Page Well, I'm doing mousse cake with her mother, she told me too bad, but tomorrow to bring to you these children, happy home!" Knowing that her mother should not be compared with another mother, but she really wants it it was like a mother Mi too, psychological, emotional and gentle. Often the mother is too imposing and regulated, therefore it obediently from her new, but now ... Today is not found in the Army. A week. There are messages for timely submission deadline urged. Fatigue, Page fell asleep, until it's clear she heard a grunt call to dinner.

*** - 10 this! - Mi grinned and put it to test. It looked lonely sitting forlorn among the 10 box scores. Mi silly a while, then sit down to hug Page: "It is clear that what is going right?" Page nhoen a fixed smile and shook his head, softly Mi tricked out, otherwise it would not be that after all loss. This afternoon it has an appointment with the Army. Ridiculous, it is clear that many boyfriends that takes effort is a new appointment. Army has also ordered that "no matter what it is not angry per capita here, as it has also crashed out or thinking more confusion. Understand the Army better than anyone, he knew the Army deliberately distancing gradually as this is to prepare for something coming. And when the word "student" is military speak, the page just yet known portable backpack and run quickly from the milk tea. It also does not understand why I act like that. Army called in a voice behind him, but the page just want to go far, far away only. Fast cycling frantically to hit straight into the air, he dashed away in the evening, despite the tears flowing out, shelves, it does not want to hold back anymore. A stage stop, it texted me: "Today children of late, do not go with you, but go alone sir. Please do not advise her or say anything as always, her slightly. ", And to her manager, to resign. That's it. It off, and go forward.

Page *** ride to take the West Lake, cry and scream for every emotion that went on from there. Long long as the wind blows flying lap and disheveled, but it also makes the eyes dry out. Crying tired of doing it, standing still, eyes look dry diaphragm villas with coconut the distance. Dew began falling, he felt cold, should not stand found along the lake again, but also may want to soon. Pages on cycling slowly along the road, eyes watching the bright store lights display, the trees leaning sideways in the late afternoon light, the old man walking, jumping rope baby ...

eye shadow its attention to a small playground for children. Th
is is the dinner hour, so do not see anyone playing. Carousel, swings, rocking a whole, dormant but still stand out in the dark blocks of color. It tried to climb a slide, feet too large for her beautiful staircase to the tiny step at awkward. Sit quietly without sliding down, wrapped page, and sit at the top for roller skate. It recalls her days, and all day hanging around with you in a slide like this. Laugh, and vied with each other, and cried, then laughed. Everything is simple with the kid in the playground. Others with it too. Or is it because, when the children grow older, they will see things in a more complex affordable? Yeah baby, Page laughed because the thought has run through. It has heard or read things like that full time, but this time it really, really understands ...

remembered, it turned the machine on. Much of the message.

From the mother: "The message to parents worried too. Mother get it, then go away carefully, and then go home to eat. Mother believe me. "

From Mi:" The fans, call your mother to make me worry fever. I talk to her mother and your mother, you said you have to be straight with her than not. Eh go so voluntarily, but not for me wandering along, the structure for one, hehe. "

From her manager - a little bit surprised:" Be well, okay I see that. Never had the inspiration to do to you sir. She was a good collaborator, she is waiting for you to hear it yet? "

And, from the Army. "Mi Quan told all that. Turquoise body. Go home then, and then immediately called for troops. Too much work, with no page where the Army can not do. Do not be Upset. I'm always by your side. "

Page saw her cheeks wet without noticing. How many people are worried and concerned about it, sir. It may take nothing less than open to everyone around that. First page out in the reminder of the loving mother, the hug of Mi, friendly smiles of her manager, and the Army anymore. Everyone, love it all. Crying on the slide as a kid, then laughed again ...

*** phone vibrate. Mi call. "It sent a message that you always call me. You're right, sometimes I also like very much thought. But I always tell people to listen, so I was complaining, new romantic and emotional lives there too. Shelves, but I like it, I love to love other people and other people interested again. Nothing but light, nothing but boring, how much body work to do that. This guy is scared stiff military it up over there. It must record "intensive" that's all, but come the end of last year after that. She says she wants done quickly so there is time for you, haha ​​... I love you too, come home go offline! "

Page does not say anything, just reply with a laugh crispy tan and relaxed most of it from past to present. Clear laughter of a child-not-quite large.

Simply smiled, slid down and went home.

Because it is still ahead a long way to go, ti billion to choose from and endless opportunities to seize happiness ...

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