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Single fun

New love, not understanding each other, boyfriend but had wanted to marry. Where she went, with whom he must tell. Envision marriage is too heavy, she broke up and is still happy with life alone.
Single women without children is terrible for those people to spend much time or laments comment again. In modern life, the status of "no marriage" is recognized, is a way of life, the choice of many people.

"My life so I decided to"

Nhung, 32, head of a company business English in Hanoi, said: "One day I started at 6 o'clock, when she teaches yoga to the door. English finished a yoga school, I eat breakfast, driving to the company and ending at 18h working day. Always free, then go play with your friends, gathered in cafés, watching movies, reading books. So-called high-income, currently, I'm dating someone, so I am quite stable in both economic life and spiritual. When you're single, you better do your masters. "

But each" almost "married at age 26. New love for a short time, not to know each other a lot, but want to marry lover soon. But every time you are going, with whom he must let him know. Imagine married life lacking love, only responsible, but found too heavy stars, and that is to say goodbye. Philosophy: "The goal of each is towards happiness. People have many ways to achieve that. You do get married, have children, but ultimately disappointing, had divorced. I also desire marriage, but do not get that pressure on yourself. Marriage must be based on love, trust and safety. "

Linh, a single meeting with journalists, said:" I am eager to travel and write. If family problems, children will not fog wind, Wanderer anymore. Two words can make me responsible madness. I am a strong personality, not what the man was overpowered me. Probably not very well be the man taking a wife always liked debate, the house is lazy like me. If you have not met or not met the high human mind, I still comfortable with this situation alone. There is a relationship that was not satisfied, only more misery. "

Sad, not because celibacy

" Seeing friends busy with after-hours conversation housing, meals for the children, I see there is also happiness, happiness is as wife and mother. Certainly their lives than I am perfect. I crave to live in that feeling. But please do not therefore conclude my lonely, empty, find themselves disadvantaged people. Currently, I am happy with my life. I have many relationships, work, love love. My life is rich, full of joy. " Hong, bookkeeper, 33, said so on his thoughts when a friend of the same age have families and children entering kindergarten, first grade already.

The people, especially women, who also at times lonely, weak heart, no matter married or not. But seeing a sad single woman, it is often speculated that because it alone protruding, so unhappy ... In fact, single women have much to fill the void marriage. The work is sometimes occupied most of their time. The spare time, they tend to have more recreational opportunities such as outings, to the temple, stitched embroidery ... On many websites for single people, you share the life, look for opportunities to make friends, meet, charitable activities.

"Single", these two words ever mean "ê identity", the passive status of women is regarded as silly, inferior parts. But this time, not a single defect. Images far away you go about odd ball martial, nostalgic embrace loneliness of a young woman heroically. Many single women today freely determine their own lives. They have overcome social prejudice, without fear of any psychological disorders.

However, this autonomy is often common in women only, not intellectuals belong to the majority of her children in general. But nonetheless, full of lively rhythm of their meaning also initially said the single status is completely normal, do not obey the laws of life.

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