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Sincerely wish you happy

soon know him, I am still surprised if he is from that love. Because my daughter is not beautiful nor wealthy. People just say that my patio, as the name on my patio. Maybe so that you like me?

At that time I was a student in a forest with lots of corn are the small-town girl began to integrate life with lavish urban bustle. His son has just graduated move to a construction company. He quite handsome, charming eat there again said. Maybe he was posted desire of many girls. But I keep my indifference by not confident enough to overcome the complex itself.

Feng sat me back inside his room. But his spare time I still trade through chat rooms or playing the radio through the wall and I like his style. He asked me to visit and share with the difficulties of student life away from home. Knowledge and by his witty talk made me remove the gap with his people. We are increasingly close and he also started sharing with me the difficulties in work and in love.

He told me of first love he's beautiful. But my love is not large enough to help my sister here to overcome the obstruction of the family. Soon he graduated was the day she received replies to float. He declined and just want to let it all ... his story touched me and yiec raising for a beautiful love.

Civil my skin to become your family knows how to listen, share to him and where he can send any sorrow dagger fun in life. Then I pick up his feelings of delight and awe of itself. It was something I did not have to re-think this would happen. He understood my thoughts and comforted me with a witty love and work with residents ngeu clam hat: "... I love you because that is you ...."

I have trusted him, I absolutely love and passionate in his love. I thought all like a dream.
But ... once I accidentally read your phone him a message with words of love here to be a phone number you stored with other subscribers special characters. I was stunned earlier confession of his ease. Actually employer phone number that's who he loved, with my son just a private joke of a challenge to show your friend your spirit. And I even feel more numb to know all the story about a first love and beauty, but trade, but regrets the love of his earlier just a lie.

I am not able to withstand the problem lie in love so he decided to keep away from those days have past beautiful.
Now I start a new journey with challenges await . But one thing I know that memories of first love I have devoted where he will follow me all my life and will be the driving force for improvement in my life. Either way, I can heartily wish you happy the people I love! THANH HOA


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