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Silence in love!

when you fall prey to: Want to run away, to escape the stifling atmosphere of everyday life, even away from the people who love to go somewhere, sit alone and brood over the problem yourself? If so, you're sure to fall into the "silence" in love already!

Why did he do that?

In fact, this is only a psychological phenomenon completely normal only. There are many reasons to explain this but the simplest reason is due to stress. Because of work, colleagues, school and other unnamed billion ti. Sometimes the culprit due to the love of your cause.

Try asking what time the two met with fire and water, as opposed, arguing each other enough, their "war cold "persistent promises ... and never-ending pile of jealous, misunderstood disorder blind you qualify for "portable briefcase" and walked off to a place where you do not know is where or not?

Silence also means: Ending Love

Not necessarily so! Sometimes silence is the silence just means that's all. Because fatigue do not know how? Because of space and needs a certain time to his own "review" to yourself! Because mature need before making a decision that etc. ..

Generally it is the moment the mind of every human being, not just when you do not meet the requirements you removed a few days, not phone, do not reply in time means he has stopped loving you.

What do I do when he falls into this situation?

What you should do is do nothing. Or better that you should find yourself a quiet space to review his own. If the cause of "silence" is by love which is certainly also partly your fault. He can not suddenly gone without any reason.

If you "chain" and have all the capabilities such as cross as an argument, because friction is misunderstood consider another possibility. Are you are feelings of "severe lack of salt, lack of enthusiastic love of the poetic, the unexpected lack catalyst makes your love more passionate than, lose the election only a small kindness that you thought was ball longer necessary when two people love each other a long time like that etc. ..

When you find out the cause or think that it can cause you do not rush to find him with a thousand apologies on environmental promises. Let yourself go they find their own silence and order back to you within a time allowed.

If, by "silence" was in excess of patience, waiting you, actively seek the enemy. Maybe he is waiting for you to do this? You a little flexibility, the following understanding of the personalities who love it will not be hard for you to do this first.

How can this not happen the

It's hard to answer this. Because you know, even while everything was fine, normal but we want to find people with fresh emotions than the "silence" can still appear. If the appearance of it gives you a chance to "test" yourself again, affirmed their love but it can also be right? Except only so much abuse, "the mystery away," he shall have side effects only.

Silence in love is like the notes for a song so deep. It makes your love more deeply and understand more. Please use it appropriately to have a satisfactory outcome as desired sisters!

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