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Signs you're having a guy 'Stone

Personals and love the entire year, you always live in happiness and overwhelming began to think about things further. Then suddenly one day he was to gently and said goodbye. You numb and could not believe it. You have not seen any cracks in the relationship of two people. You can not understand what is happening.
Maybe too fainted with happiness so that you do not recognize it. Changes there are certain signs and changes in love is not hard to find. Try to seriously look at it again, there must first question was flat broke, he had signs of this?

suddenly become extremely busy

"When he began to use their weekends for work more , instead of with me, I did not notice anything unusual. Instead, I use the time to check mail, to read books and do anything to not make her self a spare redundant pregnant. I do not want to be a boring girlfriend without his own life, "a girlfriend who has been loved off recounted.

While sticking with the ball as close as a sign that the love of two people close the other hand, if you and your boyfriend have no personal time for each other, it is not a sign of the difficulty to recognize a breaking. Similarly, if the reason he always busy or forgot to call you regularly then that is a very clear signal that the priority list of his work was replaced and love that you've been out the last of his other pleasures.

by long track and ... war

"He was often critical of me, wherever you are. From my body, my choice to film the way I chew food. He makes I feel like everything I do is always wrong ", Ashley, 26, talked about the odd behavior of her boyfriend which is now called EX (ex).

According to the psychologist, the psychological guilt and irrational fear of women's tears, the sound of their cry, men tend to avoid direct confrontation area with the split. They often try to push this responsibility to the women when feeling depleted. By causing war and criticize you, I hope that we can hurt you because of the ridiculous that he caused, will seek to leave him before he does it.

Evade close

Two you are dating a long time and always enjoy together those moments of sublimation love with sweet kisses burning. But then suddenly one day he not only avoided that divert you rinse all the kisses you give.

"He and I were dating a half years and then suddenly he lost interest in intimacy. I wonder if he was feeling pressure or anything because I simply do not interest led him anymore, "Hines, a blogger said.

As the two signs, this sign is one of the surest signs of a change in the psychology of men. No desire, lack of enthusiasm close to both girls, if he is not gay, not too tired then it means he wants to "withdraw."

What if your boyfriend is on the signs, you should do? To meet him, faced him and said before ripping out? No, that would be a very serious mistake. Man no one likes to be criticized and clogs in the stomach that. If you still love him and wish him move in mind that, then what you do there will be more to him more reason to satisfy the desire "sneak" away from you.

Instead, take him again. Please turn into the girl of his dreams. It is the right strategy for you to save most of my love.

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