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Signs that she likes you

Suddenly, you feel her presence everywhere. She "accidentally" appear anywhere in your presence. You go through her body in the hallway, she "accidentally" bump into you, cleverly standing near you in a club ...
What she is doing is trying to attract attention and give you a chance to advance "the first step." But many do not quite understand what he and many missed opportunities.

She always had the right move
Create chemical gives people the ability to use abstract cues when they like someone. If there is love the way you want, she will:
- Tilting toward you while talking
- Paradox against her hair
- Paste into your eyes close when talking
- Mimicking the motion of your body (for example, you put your hand on the table, she quickly followed).
- Smile when you goodbye

She was never too busy
If a woman wants to go out with you, she'll always be ready. She will give you the phone number or address agency e-mail. She quickly answers phone and listen to your messages. If busy, she'll say: "This is not Saturday but next week you can sir."

She wants to find out about you
A woman like you would want to know everything about you. She will ask about your family situation, preferences about food, music and movies. She used to list the things you love and hate.

She will "explore" you
When a woman meets a man, if interested in dating, she'll ask him about work, life and car where he went. If you answer correctly, green lights will continue later. But if you do not meet her standards, she will disappear.

She created the future with you
A woman you'll have an attitude like "open" to any future plans you do have. For example: "I also like bowling you? So when I set the same offline. "

She is restless
If you really like, she would feverishly like a cat, especially when you are unable to predict the signal from her. She may be a person or bashful, you just observe her behave like others. If she just confused you, maybe she is thinking about love.

Her jealous
A woman like you seen these guys compete with her rival is. Therefore, if you see her "boiling" when you play with the other woman, you can be sure, she wants to do your girlfriend.
Only one of these signs, no enough to determine she likes you or not, but if more signs appear, you can have an appointment with her this weekend.

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