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Signs he is cheating on you

1. Interested in you than usual. This can be a guilt in the first betrayal. All the attention to when you eventually take him "an affair" is a relatively long time.

2 . He started buying lots of gifts for you. The gifts are bought only to erase that feeling uncomfortable because you are cheating. Please be careful when giving gifts unexpectedly offline.

. Attitudes that will make you insecure. If that's true, do instinctively. You already know the habits and preferences of the person you love, so even a small change should also consider, consider.

4 . He used to fight with you even know that you will be very upset and did not want to see him again. Is not that good and reasonable opportunity to meet with him "Bo" why?

5 . He often spoke of a climate outcomes when they have no quarrel or angry. The categories are: "I would like if you break up? / If the split, he will always consider you as a friend." The question implies that if it is full every iteration, consider lightly.

6 . He suddenly became very "mood." It seems that while with you, he always show their frustration or inhibition. He was thinking of the other, trying to get rid of you. Despite what has to hide who fish at his hands to reveal raw form.

7 . He is always with you, but became quiet, cool and does not seem to care about your feelings anymore.

8 . "Gu" the guy's music suddenly changes. Pop ballad was replaced by popular country music or rock sad "crazy." Chances are she's your new guy is a fan of the genre it.

9 . There are points in your previous constant praise he is now strove vehemently decry. For example the song you love, your shirt and he could go buy ...

10 . He no longer pay much attention to you, to loved ones in your family or friends who previously played with two people or to go.

11 . No praise you whether you have a lot sexier than before. With him, you no longer beautiful and attractive again.

12 . It seems he no longer remembered the three words "I love you" or the sweet warm messages every night before bed.

13 . He spent more time with his friends handful road, drinking beer foam rather than spend time with you on those romantic sunny afternoon.

14 . He no longer prompted much interest in the future or two people, no dreams, no longer beautiful thoughts about ending soon.

15 . The gesture of the guy for you no longer carry the warmth of affection, passionate. Well, it is forced.

16 . He enjoys reading or watching movies rather than sit for hours without saying anything to you or you go shopping together, watch movies outside the theater.

. He does not seem to feel excitement or joy while doing sex with you.

18 . You found out he used to say love and sleep more than once that girl name.

19 . He does not put you to work, do not take you along to a party or participate in social activities. Maybe he feared a confrontation three people.

20 . He avoided the phone when you are next. If heard, he would say very little or speak out elsewhere.

21 . He irritated or dominating you when you ask him to go where, when on.

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