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Signs guy is bum

Women heart because the man given his whole heart. Even when people say that he is just clinging skirts of women who, taking advantage of money and love, she is determined to protect the beloved.
If you continue with blinded or lost a man with nothing, you will soon suffer alone.

Always pinch
notorious lover in you there are thousands of reasons to talk about their empty pockets in the state. From economic recession to the boss guy is stupid, he institutes a lot of risks encountered. That is just an excuse to hide the truth inside. He absolutely does not stand a penny.

You leave home in the morning when he also burying themselves in blankets. PM to go to the guy you see sitting in a park. If he is always in idle status, time of day just for playing games or make the friends, you should think twice about sticking with him. Current way of life he no direction, no motivation and becoming long dependence on others.

According Sheknows , you can ask the boys if eccentric, but he constantly exposed to suspicious signs such as missing for several days, immersed in alcohol or on the bed and refused to reveal where he was in it is considered an early warning sign for you.

attach your prop yourself
Although he has feelings, do not to how he we live together and not have to pay at least half the rent and expenses. Likewise, no self-respecting man to invite his girlfriend to dinner often with no response. If he always considered your dependent, or where any provision for their aid, he was ranked in the boys "how".

What you should do
First, stop spending money on him. You think you are helping him, but in the long run it is the act of stealing public money and even love. Tell him that his comments and confirmed that you are not comfortable dating (live) with an unemployed (broke, lazy).

Hopefully, he will see your actions are motivated him to change. However, if there is evidence that disability can be delivered to your home for him, he began to share family responsibilities. Where the failure to do so, you should think about breaking up.

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