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The sign that he is watching you

Con Capital boys to "read you" than his daughter very much. Most guys would not wonder, "I like the other girls or not it, or just feel the sun?" Unlike her, or thinking where to sit. They always knew I had to pay attention to a girl or not. So if a guy likes you, will not be difficult to recognize the signs to the following:

Find ways to communicate with you

If a guy just met your Yahoo add nick, nick Facebook or message for you ... but not for work, then you can understand ground that men are paying attention to you and know. When you pay attention to someone, they always find ways to communicate with her you did, because this is the best way to have the opportunity to chat, learn more about each other's character, and can be ... have the opportunity to invite the "object" to go out again. Even the most shy guy can become extremely courageous by familiar message, if he really liked that a teen girl.

Always pay attention to you

When a guy likes you, everyone's attention, "he" will only directed at you alone. The regular expression will be the "steal a glance," you, laugh with you more and so or "accidentally" passed by waving to you ... If you "caught" more than 5 times "he" was looking you are the target market is theft, "he" was like you already!

teasing you

The boys often think that if possible daughter makes her laugh, i will pay attention to them. Throughout history, whether elementary school or high school teens, boys often tease the girl is so. Especially when the age requirements, if a teen boy or tease you and try to ... tell jokes to you, then you know why already! But remember that if you feel uncomfortable, do not try to endure but to speak out frankly nhé.

Body language

Not usually considered "body language" then, you can "read position" was very much his son through their body language there. For example, when the two are talking, if the guy's head away from your head, it is a sign he is not interested in well with the conversation, or he may be experiencing something unpleasant. If you on your head almost touching each other, and he listened intently to your every word, it would of course this guy likes you then. A positive sign is that when he unconsciously imitate the actions of you: hold the glass, arms crossed on the table ... It shows you he has poured í papaya already!

Comrades Association of Young

son always had a friendly meeting all the fish war very close, everything is shared for each other, especially about emotional. So if a guy is paying attention to you, then there would be no wonder if you pass through "Assembly Comrades" of men and saw them talking and laughing with you a head start laughing. It must be a boy in the Assembly is "to do" to you!

Just bear in mind a little bit difficult to stop is the "decoding" or "read the" boys will be very easy, right?

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