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Should "format" of life?

On emptiness. Bunch of pillows to sit before laptop itself. If only a week ago, will wedge into the word "love" it, but today is not.
quietly looked empty D drive. Who had been betrayed in love do? Suffering. Down. Loss. Resentment. Sorry ... What sort of sexually frustrated, now I like that.
Oh, to know how the D drive folder from simple to spectacular, so today you gave me then.
Format hell. Why on earth came up with the second order re-string instrument that? What you learn IT fears would answer the question: Format born to do?
Auto stop function hitman broke again to think, the price that life sometimes use the format it?
order format ... I will not be moments ...
During six consecutive years in school teams, going for the HSG test, province, grade 8 is the only year failed . Jobs Literature that year passed before, except her. So she had cared, edit each text, written for his circuit. Remembering the day the girls play in the 2nd floor room windy, hard to document each subject and each analysis. Slip the news did not dare tell her mother. Be a few days, she asked: "Teeth years ni know you want to wash or test scores?" confessed, mother slider. Shame. Disappointed. Bored. Feel stupid not describe. Return it, failed with the 14 year old son has a terrible ago.

If you are trying to format ...

I'll not moment ...

bicker like crazy with his classmates for 2. Layer growth, while not reminding, order management, but mainly because the guys from infested experts, is very bitter. Fast forever, as they overwhelmed (was kind of sign-tip legs behind her hair.) So one day stand off, she suddenly aggressive class president Banging on the table, leaned back just a bird ... sandals in the non-friend Spirit "skin" - the university's Assembly infested. He "paratroopers", again in purple with anger, but that the university, who would go fight with a girl (in there with you again this is also a "sympathy" with the class president), only then pursed lips turned away, saying nothing.

few days immediately found him elusive. Class president regrets afterwards too, had written apology in a piece of paper, put on several times but somehow did not dare. So on until leaving school ... Difficult circumstances, he dropped out of grade 3, then go, do not nobody know. His eyes look into the class president last school day, half and half sad. Eyes that haunted her until now whenever I think, a reminder not to add anymore that you have to turn away a ...

If you are trying to format ...

I'll not moment ...

And she'll have to cry ... All first-year college and be a few days vacation at home, but also so sad that a dad cry. Until then, silly girl see his father cry only once in her grandmother's funeral. That time, her daughter cried. This time, the father cried, while her daughter is sad because you can not cry choked up. Daughter know how painful first published. Daughter stubborn and courageous path that chose to go with it as it was justified. Dad did not stop, just through the stories, father daughter knows a lot sad. Yet it's still going.

Until now, when my daughter was no longer on the path to the age of 18, 19 stubborn pursuit, he has done it knows how depressed father. Tears man firm has instilled in its underground watering circuit simmering belief. In the eyes of father, daughter will do what the childhood and youth hard, hard not to be published.

father never once praised the words any of the girls did, but every time someone mentioned, saw in his eyes the deep chasms that looked bright light. And now his living room wall was not sufficient space to hang merit, commemorative flags, photographs marking the achievements of girls now, even, I have to lower the level of all merit, in sub-provincial Study of a girl hanging down to make room ku merit of bloody children are competing with her.

If you are trying to format ... I'll not moment ...

days between September, I will not sit in the cafeteria for lunch in the bustling table. I will not stand in the corner left side gate at the dorm, I would not be reasonable shake, baby, I will not ...

On the 2nd last year, I will not reply messages , I will not wear blue natural sound, you will not get commissions, do not sip your vitamins ... butter

days late autumn, autumn Hanoi 3rd, his coffee will not sit 4 people, you will not get orange juice, hot words, I will not ...

Then, I'll have to use the command many times to lose format tormented moments and regret? I'll lose our joy, feeling relieved, relaxed when the effort to go through a difficulty, because that format, but has chosen to delete the sadness and happiness Where is retained.

So, even though I hated my Acer suddenly one day be formatted, then I did not expect that you have the right to use the format for his life.

"Who turned their backs emotion, he turned to himself "

So, should save all these moments in a corner, then at some point in the road to be brought to sip sufficient for our full faith and inspire lives, should not and can not format anything ...

which now stand up, go collect all the files that you, by careful ( or indiscriminate) haphazard spraying machine you friends every place a little. Hope will soon revive the D drive ...

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