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She "If ... then ..."

Mai'm still wondering: why a love ends
Each a parade through her mind. Turn the "record" fully open with a question mark.
First Love: 3 years. Love at grade 12 right into the boiling oil fire burns, and two children as two branches grow increasingly apart.
Love 2: Huai - a day to forget each other suddenly, not seen, do not remember anymore, broke up without reason. Royal
Then, once the only upset in the six months fell in love, silly reason: Mai Hoang you heatstroke, a farewell message, also regarded as a legitimate reason for not ...
Often she does not hook, also pleaded not dull ... oh, even though she knew I still love, love a lot. Death is always sad every break up (wake up), of course, but unlike any other girl, Mai has always set yourself a limit, a time to forget, at least three days a week and a maximum . After this time everything went as flushing water. Mai almost never reaches the maximum seven days.
They dressed ham friend pleasure shopping (shopping), but throughout the smooth love love the ability to face extreme admiration "internal public transport" or to love in the freezer as Mai. For her, the most important thing is to live happy, happy. So she felt very warm when it comes to suffering someone did not love her anymore. .. but, eager to flood you do not know the other shopping: Mai has always puzzled by their assumptions, including those questions. She always find reasons why love? Then why the split, but not the answer you feel is acceptable.
A bright girl, always on top of the department, is a part time job (as a half day) excellent, rated capacity, with the thinking mind, is the UK's science, but are very good at math. Is it a profile (resume) so that Mai often set their own equations of tough love father. Then explain yourself every time you sit alone.

Being in love, again assuming Mai If it would break what? And the next morning, back "practice" exercise is always a new dead honest, that first love is gone. Being in love, again assuming: "Had he returned to the Ex (ex) of yourself?". How is the crime Mai lovers, caught him pulling out each anniversary of her own to chew away Ex ruminant intermittent throbbing heart, so selfish digested. Even the once-held phone message for EX Hoai him: "I miss you." Then passes away, leaving the chain on the argument that Mai wanted to win just like the power blew out a ... the electric light bulb.

Being in love, the situation poses "If he loved his friends, they'll like?". Mai thought her sometimes short-circuit where, what type of fan interest measurement. Or a test of a model smart girl? Always want to apply the techniques of mathematics to argue with emotion. There are evening, lie, tears listening to the waves chased each other across the nose, always falling down a plot to wet pillow. Wake up tomorrow morning, Mai still can not see anyone stopping their love a little longer. To the extent of the flood and you give her the nickname: "Going one step, calling a name, when it does not love that is it is taking a little break."
Vinh was sitting alone in busy restaurant game. Warcraft player with a much superior tactics but not strategy that makes love not anger. Vinh came to remember her smile when people ask mast hair, her face is not perpendicular to the ground like parallel to the sky. Daughter but refused to be defiant, angry again. Just a little as she wants to jack up the chimney and a colon to bar the Vietnamese language, English or French.
"I love you, I really want to care (care) you! Your girlfriend you very much! "
" Do you like him, but you love me as his task "
" Alright! He received this mission! "
Vinh Perhaps love her because of the way across museum even before such a confession. Conquering a month, it seemed more difficult game but finally hit her "dump" him as a very funny reason:

"I love you because of his thumb like me, have burned hands can bend backward 90 degrees later, I have not seen anyone do such a thing. "
But now she is angry, really angry then. IT people like Vinh son, was a pro-gamer (professional gaming) and a programmer (developer) should head the entire capital I with O, was her lack of self-romantic crime. Beside her, Vinh has always been to interrogate the question "why?" What? ".. . Was that he also "bridge" trot lot. But the most recent times, she shuddered ask you a question, a hypothesis can not imagine, "If I die, do you cry? He will marry you? And he has told his wife about me? ". Vinh really confused. If the answer under the assumption" I die "... just too creepy for an afternoon together. If no reply (option that Vinh was selected), then she turned away coldly:
"I dare not say that right? Then I'll get married, and then will forget you, and what about the ball after his wife heard me. Why do not you dare say what I think? "
online headaches with the hundreds of thousands of ways forward for healing" light bulb ", because he knew too well the her, if she was very angry for three days they want to pull back ... well not anymore. The phone column in the bear coat, Vinh afraid if I accidentally fell asleep so tired, she referred to that I did not hear it ... Suddenly, Vinh jumped people for a message:
" I think it's time to game over (end) You, sir, I thought I was too young, and do not ask! I'm selfish and love themselves more, I think he should stay away from you out before you do hurt myself. "
Vinh saw his eyes dimmed Korean," Using cross "of the machines more and more big games, like hit my head, which staggered to Vinh.

My dearest!
Why do not identify themselves with a sensitive heart, I fell in love and passionate love more than anyone else. Why do you always laugh when I'm sad, why do not you dare cry. I love How come you do not let his hair stroked and kissed them to comfort each failure. There does not need me? Do you need to hide all of him, for he saw that the children should be protected.

Everyone says bad about me, who can tell me is a selfish girl, known only love themselves and see love as a game. Only he knows, I love all your heart than any anyone. And so too in love, so I fear I will not be standing up if bad luck happens. Because so in love, so I always put out the hypothesis "If !..." To save myself when one day that love is broken. Many times he put himself in me, a girl other than those around you, A girl with too much conflict between strong and weak. And then I understand you, you self-plug up their spines to protect it without hurting yourself or. A confident girl, who said she was afraid to stand alone where the crowd.
Oh Baby! Why do not you admit that you never forget my EX, she proved that she was always cool guys in love. I remember once I lied him (but maybe now I think I believe) in the pager filled with old messages of the EX, you do not delete, you smile, "I do not have the habit of deleting messages, but this old, then I clean forgot it!". I'm stupid too!, if you do not have the habit of deleting hundreds of messages, the message takes his first flight? given way to dozens of news guy I ever loved? He is! jealous, very jealous of you, sir, but I love you more.

Why must the world, so I have to laugh when you want to cry. The times when you smile at visitors and nhech edge secretary told him: "Lo, but I enjoy the next days away, she will soon leave him." He hurts, my thorns hurt him unjustly. Although it's not his fault. But I always put yourself in my understanding, I was afraid to look a person turned away you go. And because understand you, I explain why I always rush to hang up: Because you are scared to hear the tut tut from the other end. I always turned into a home run every time he turned back to me about: because they fear will see the other person turned away without a look at me. Ngốc sir, I do not need assumptions are set out with him at all. And I also do not need to ask "why?" for him. For every question they are only one of A: Because I love you! "
Tears cross the bridge of the nose, knees after falling for the third read Vinh Mai. sitting up, was First she sobbed, face yourself, call Vinh, Mai overwhelmed in a sob.
"I know baby, I need not say anything, you know! I love you"
"I deleted all of the EX and his message!"
"You know I love you from time to time it?"
"Then I'll play now his fingers are bent 90 degrees, but why "
" No! "Mai smile" It's a silly reason to legalize it! throbbing heart when he was introduced to me that I'm in the neighborhood, at their last meeting at her birthday Tu An "
" But I like the silly reason, you idiot! "

" You stupid true, boy, I love you! "


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