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Separation should not upset to hustle

Angry together, many couples do not use "separation" by drinking the night away with you, mother home, friends house sleeping over night in hotel hotel. Many couples still in the same house, but "shared bed." All just for continuation.
Go drink late at night, calling his wife opened the door forever, he did leave. Too angry husband, wife Lam also took the car into the street, around the house who do not know about sleep.

Hai An angry because it was 8pm but Minh Lam, her husband, still make up area to make friends everywhere. Room without electric light, dark. "Oh my god, what is this?", An screaming when I looked into the bathroom: A bunch of dirty, so acres in the tub, the floor fell wander outside. Then do a toothpick, cotton wax sprawling take on the la-va-potty. Finished cleaning up the battlefield by his beloved husband of his actions, An tired, in a closed room.

Ten hours of the night, Minh Lam loss on home, knocked the door a dozen times but his wife refused to open. Ie air, he shouted: "I just went home in it. It must not have the room, he sure can not sleep." After a hearing the sound of her husband, stepped out of Hai An open door. Glance looked around, did not see where her husband, An tiptoed into the living room steps. No vehicle of Forestry in the house. "Back away anymore. Originally, he thought he was just a dusty stop hustle coast overnight. Try as one more".

An hastily stuffed clothing into the basket of books at home, the street car launch . "Where to go there now?". An Lan remembered the little friend, but his wife thought troubles

you should just run around everywhere. This is how the couple first blow, An not remember. Husband away, she immediately launched air vehicle to the road. The house's two a night vacation.
Vehicles across the company, An remembered something, she was thrown into. Excuse late work is not resolved, she would protect up to his office. "Well, better than sleeping here all night wandering." An comfort myself, her mat and pulled out pillows, they have to sleep. Where to sleep so that, being so warm memories to torment her husband abandoned her. The morning, An eye could rest.

"Good Lord, what work up and down the body to sleep so I always?". My boss surprised to see An unkempt hair, her face lost god, two deep eye sockets hoam for insomnia. By this time, all memory in depression may be flowing out An end: "having fun together angry, bored at home, hate the look on his face, for fear of being scolded the mother, sleeping at your house yourself, then you should be afraid to agency shelters. " She teased her boss just said: "Nearly 30 years old, my wife and kids like him, she said

Past two nights sleeping at the office, under a new Security home after her husband into the water , sweet. Looking listless wife's face, he strangled her to please, bring asked: "From now on I do not go anymore, because there are imitators. Thanks to who abducted them, he lost his wife like to play."

get angry with each other, broke motorcycle to find the particular patch of sky, it's just an outburst. But sometimes it will lead to unforeseeable consequences are, as is the case she and her husband Lien. Before washing clothes for her husband, she is always careful continental United carefully before pocket, back pocket to retrieve his missing papers. Today he Hoa, her husband, went to the wallet in his pocket at home. Profile miscarriage during continental pocket, wallet fell to her Contact shrimp in the washer, wet failing sight, all things must be pulled out to dry. Contact rolled his eyes, open-mouthed scream as soon as the shells found two condoms stuck deep in the slot for.

Husband on Thursday evening, the Union as a battle to by, crying compensation lu Speaker compensation. Her cheating husband responsible for his wife and children. But his silence does not know what to say. Hoa because he does not explain why the presence of two shells condoms should finally put together their spouses in court. Court, he confided last Hoa their mood: After each blow, she often faced Contact husband died a few days, if serious all week, half a month. During that period, he was her "embargoed." Many times he approaches his wife, but fiercely denied. Air pride, leave the hotel. And that is generated by the other two packages.

Ngoc Hien her case despite the softer outcomes, but also makes you confused enough, howling chickened. Spring is when angry husband, Hien often leave home with friends. Each time out, Hien often deliberately dress, grooming nice to tease away Hieu, her husband.

One was also angry with her husband away, she is ranked in the corner waiting for you road near the park, no doubt some thugs thought she was a "chicken", is the next time. She as big, little guy more favorable attention. Crisis over, she screamed for help. Hear the noise, people flocked to the room. So Hien and other names were brought to the police station. Hien was so frightened that her husband had called for. Hieu right lower leg feet high rushed to.

After he explained the whole story Hieu story, local police last drop of his wife. In front of her husband, her head down Hien, blubber. Seeing the plight of his wife, Mr Hieu not laughing, loving cup on her forehead: "Look you there, nice face too ha!".

Can not for the street, lying to the feeding beam friend's house or get into the hotel, although too many people angry with each other but still on duty at home, perform the cold war scenario again, as in the case said Quang. His ex-girlfriend from the U.S.. Experiences every time, he invites his wife to meet together, drink coffee date. "During the conversation, my wife florid. Wonder why, in the house for more than a week, im re baits, types of sanctions and did not do enough with my half-open lips said. Sufferings best I can say that Who is Where? "lamented Mr Quang.

're both university lecturers. His wife gentler, less combative. But every occasion when her husband went with friends, go home in the state of the cup as she anger. Not loud, not questioning, she just quietly hugging pillow to sleep with children, or work till late night and always in the living room. Only when he realized something Quang, knees to apologize, she only just made peace, though sometimes not worth something.

Wife angry with each other, talk away from home or the Cold War the only purpose for "knew" each other, the mad hustle. Many wives do not be afraid to "test the liver" with her husband, about who should apologize first. The husband did not fit, do not give her much at all.

Family life as well as on the kitchen cooker. If delicious, regularly as "rice cooker" is lack of identity, lack of flavor. But if it is always complicated, is also infamous not eat well. So when the anger and miss, so create another opportunity for reconciliation, not to anger too lost wisdom.

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