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Send you - "He loves little"

- Each day I choose joy, the joy of my morning message or a phone call woke me up work and do not forget to enclose wishes you a happy day, happy with the job. And like the first time that I have beautiful dreams when night gradually disabled. Just like every day I have a question you wish to do different fun. I want to be like that forever.
Perhaps he was already far away, far away from you forever both the existing and ... he's no longer a child again! Things have changed so fast, is not she? I love you, know what is the sweetness of love, longing and anger but an irrational sadness and tears of joy.

Who would not cry for the love tan break! His heart he wondered why we can not come together when you both love each other? When broken love him like crazy island wander to find you in celebration of their two children together.

Baby! He was really upset and did not know what to do so they can understand the love for you.

Raining this afternoon, every drop of rain falls silently to the door John fuzzy window, rain pouring all that pleased him. Where songs that sounded "nostalgic trade thousands of years", I am lonely lonely thought the lyrics are so pleased to be his. My love for you is clear. He always thought and made for you by a real love and sincere hearts than ever! But the dream did not come true ...

I want you to go to the last of life, you will always be the ones you love most! Do you understand me? Date of love, we've been to many places, very unhappy when I see each time somewhere that I have the same goals for the future of two children, who often comes across as not shy soul. His work, as more and more he tried to forget you miss you and realize that this life I can not live without you.

Picture , the video that he had turned me on New Year's day last year when love begins budding, he was not brave enough to delete it. He feared feeling completely lost, that a man once so familiar to me, one day suddenly turned from his life forever, simply by deleting it. He had not met but I still fear to lose you.
When I said that he did not bring happiness to you, I love you do not like the way I wished, he found himself at fault for I do not know so weak. He then lose it, a love that he has the most beautiful. I'm always right! I live by feelings, you happy with what little things that he too often indifferent to indifference.

On the general education classes when he was 10 but that's just like you love vague feelings of adolescence and then for some reason that I did not study together anymore. As fate, more than six years after their last meet, I really startled her when your child is in grade 10 like the old days but that period is too long to know how to change. I no longer indifferent to worries about how future work. I have said it was very much about two kids, about the future and he did not think the day will begin to love. I promise to do tomorrow for my friend but then he realized that he loved me. Now he has yet to explain why I love you so much, miss you so much and can not forget the ghosts of children. Often joke that he would later write a romance novel with a funny name "goddamned love", I called him a baby together and I was little.

Then love as he had dreamed. I know! Friends called him a cold-blooded death because he did not know love, no heart. He had thought that a girl does not love any more until she met you, you have made me happier and more confident in life to strive for the future of two children. He often dreams of two children will live happily with sweet marriage proposal, wedding in a big church. He will build around the plantation house is full of flowers that you like (I remember it was white porcelain flower). Once you and me together like a flower accidentally met on the road, but both do not know the name. Now, he knew it was the queen of flowers, and I'll be the queen of hearts. He realizes that he can still love and be loved, not cold-blooded death but friends usually call.

Happiness passed so pleasant though sometimes anger do both, but far from the turbulent love sustainable. He believed that, he can do anything just to see you smile every day.

I knew I was too selfish in love, but love it when someone does not want his love is forever his own. He believes in love but I know I have something to hide him in a relationship of friends. Just like that probably because he has lost the most beautiful love you have for him. Now when I realized that I love you very much, all was too late then is not it?

The date happily ever after was still printed in my memories, I love you true into, passionate. When far away he was so down and extremely painful, even saying goodbye is not available. He has repeatedly find me but I'm quiet ... I cried a lot, lot. Why boys are weak cry again right? No! He does not think so. It is full feeling in his heart, crying to go with ease. Then everyone has to cry for a love break, is reasonable only difference is the salty tears bitter man ...

From there he will go on the path of he no longer had to walk his path, and not so happy moments he smiled in earnest kisses. I do not go together all chosen path, that fate is not it? As well as their coming together?

Small baby! Recalling also make sense at all hours have become even that the memories are still painful memories in his heart. Still out on him when he was happy or sad, the moment he was alone. It all just like yesterday, like a sweet dream. Each day still gone, his side are not there anymore now, my life have I not been at his side, but he has always felt very close to me, because he has nurtured in love for children. He watches every step you take. From the day you go, my heart, my soul still spend my own. Every night I'll always be vulnerable in the image of her in a dream though dreams are only dreams.

I know! That day I was thinking a lot when you come to me. Beautiful children, my job is stable and all the people around me anymore ... I feel so small to be able to protect you, so he chose another path ... But thanks for the encouragement and I believe in their love for each other that will motivate me strength to find happiness shore tomorrow. As beautiful as a modern fairy tale, I knew I was a student so not sure what career for the future to be able to bring happiness to me and I have to wait another 3 years before his youth will form daughter ... Think of the people already working as a student and he was not the same. He knows how to speak out about his two kids and also let me know that I love you. I've been responsible for that why do not you show love to but I just wish that the proposal is sweet to me ... I'll be the happiest when I love you ... I do not blame you a sulky, you have choices I choose to separate, though bringing happiness to me is not me.

friends have always advised you to forget the past to start something new. My heart does not seem to quiver another because no one can replace you. You can now unlike the old days children, who did so, he also changed, but the love is still devoted to me. If option 1 again, I still hope that fate will take him to my side and he will not lose you again.

Last word for me to remember a loved you with fulness of my heart! This time he knew only wish you happy forever, forever with joy the relatives, friends and especially the man that is very loving.

In love with the unfortunate welfare, some unfinished, some regret, people also take it to the end of life ... but can not hate, the more unforgettable. By the simple life he never recovered his initial feeling palpitations, trembling, throbbing waiting and worried that thirsty.

Despite this tomorrow How, in the far distant horizon or something, I do not think I was the best man because he had lost the baby and you did not bring happiness but I still live completely forever with the love he had for me. Forever and forever just myself by something as simple as "I love you."

Goodbye, my "little baby".

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