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Send people away

Tonight (7/27/2009), raining! Gentle rain storm did not like my heart now so ...

Last first date when the sky poured rain on me, I did not even rain shelter from the rain blurs the eye you then! I still keep going. Rain jacket that protect you even hundreds of kilometers long. And then! I thank him very much!

I was a woman alone, looking at the way you feel alone, sympathetic heart. And then from there I went into my life ...

I see it all, I understand all that he does not want to say, what he has said, and the things he never said . You never know what you do not want to know, because if you said you knew all, how can he change his past eh! (Although the new yesterday then today it was his past and then).

You told me so many opportunities to change themselves. Pretend you did not know I deceived you, you pretend not to know he is living with another woman ... I'm just an absolute trust in him. I believe he knows what he needs, what he wants! That was all! I will always love him sincerely for your heart despite breaking every night. I always pray the way he met a soul mate with you ... Though you may disappear ...

How many times do you go to Hanoi ... This time he said he did not know about Hanoi has also returned to Saigon to me anymore or not! His phone was off. His email is closed tightly, you know his heart was going away, not Hanoi, which has gone far, far, far, far horizon.

I always pray the way he met a soul mate with you ...

I love! I forgive him and all shall never angry or sulky. Red car which we now have no option anymore, he did not want to keep some memories from you all. And I, a coat, a picture of me, you seem to see that he lives with me. Thanks! You let me sweet lies before me but nobody wants to hear and speak. I feel every day I go more than a little silly but he did not make it far this stupid girl stupid ... If you go a bit further than he can not leave you forever?

I hate so much! Man u? Why do men who also want a wife who has his own ... but then again when thoughts arise advantage? If not satisfied, processing bored ... sigh. Is it reasonable to be happy? Do you ever think happiness is?

I'm always satisfied with what you have, always strive for advancement on the job. And I feel so happy with him. But what hurts me the most is: Stay with me he is happy without him?

On it, he wanted to leave you should tell him to Hanoi, as the volcano of my heart movement ... And now! Then he was gone! As the waves of my heart ... mellow ...

I wish you happiness! Happiness ...

Adieu my little love!

Phuong his shark!

* * *

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simple goodbye goodbye summer rain

Look again when his lover was far
To me quietly forget him, you very much!

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