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Send Myangel YSL_Tina

/ div> He himself did not know he never loved a river, gentle river, quiet and smooth away every day dui.Hang Sunset over the edge he used to trade down the river near the house where he found such anh.Suy think and no matter where and no matter what rivers are flowing sea lon.Anh dare not see themselves as an ocean , I always give her a dried branch of the levees, the river is happy mang.Cho rescue him go up and down the line does not go all the way though, he is still happy, because I had to walk along a dc path
You ah! I know this is not the appropriate time to speak love in anh.Nhung not know why he did not stop my heart and thoughts, the remembrance em.Tu the first day they met, seemed well miss and love for you it just increases exponentially, but he could not find much to be useless again duoc.Anh not you.? He also I do not understand why, when asked who might become dai.Truoc it'll always be thinking about the love of his life in this world will always think nobody truly love someone professional like ca.Moi Funny joke, when people are bored and find a reason to break up not to think about the other person will like.
"I like you but I love another, then"
His words haunt me, I always was afraid to speak love ... and so goes the quiet time on nonsense and great to see you ... All vong.Tu think of him suddenly but hang.Em such other end of the tunnel where I am in life forever struggling anh.Anh the tunnel was 4 years and still not found a way out for the life you have to minh.Va angel came to him.
I know it? You told me that what is called love, a remembrance, fidelity and pain but in happiness phuc.Luc first met you, I know I have a boyfriend and me do.Tu loved the exposure and dc talk he knows that, but why do I still love you and hope vong.Anh not a professional who break other people's happiness, since I know you really love and we can not forget, he always carried with me the silent, unrequited love, I'll always find ways to make you happy and that happiness is with you he loves happy where necessary phuc.Khi dc to have someone you love, just someone you love is happy du.Em always want you forever is your friend em.Uhm gentle ....! you, but why do you still feel pain in my heart, but he did not charge me for life where he is so that, as long as you are happy.
How times have passed me interesting! He always dc happy doing my sweet friend, listening to the heart, my joy and sorrow and dc to share with you ... happy with what he was using more.! He was very sad when people you love only to see his / her feelings as a joke funny, but you then again when he saw heavy tinh.Moi he hurts you cry, do people not appreciate my children a good girl , beautiful, gentle, and sentimental as the name you so "Tina" song.Nguoi line did break my heart but I pray that people will pick up the pieces of my heart to put it back like I used to be. I'll try it again by trying to weld with sincerity and love in dc anh.Anh always try to see your smile as you smile on xua.Khi heaven is a heaven poem a dream Ah me.
For all I just want you to know a thing even if I accept his feelings or not, I will always love you and will wait for you. I need time to forget and he needed time to prove I see you know how much I love you! Despite the defeat he still glad he tried his heart suc.Con also say what it wants noi.Anh will wait for your answer ... as always dc, dc whenever also.

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