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Send me - who I owe a lifetime!

à H! So I have known each other for almost 3 years and must not he? Today, the job is not as busy as usual, you have time to write your confided. Although later I have two kids to be together or not, I hope you understand that your love with a girl like you

Brother! Do you know? When a little girl sitting in a chair high school I had a last request, that bitter first love but I also know how very happy. I loved her with all my love old school games. Who had promised me a lot, said to be with you all my life, not love anyone other than me, then will definitely make you happy ...

Then, when you exam 12 graduating class, I have not seen them often. Next time I have heard that people love a sister in the same company. I was skeptical and to ask them, people have told me that "I believe him or believe the words of detractors of the galaxy?". The answer has to do is reassure them, and somehow comforting. Then one day on the way back from school, they have eyes to see him sitting behind her pass. Is still a car that I have ever, remains a place where I used to sit. Everything was so clearly not a rumor. After that meeting they decided to end it all and I know people that have said anything? That person said: "I let him hook the stay, say you love me I was afraid I would not love that person." Still a baby girl, yet I think you'll stumble into doing this? I gave up on and cry, cry like never cry, cry decided to split the first love that I have the honor so long, weak cry because my heart was deeply wounded - that is single trip early fall.

I hate him throughout his life because he had lost my heart many nights sobbing ...

I still love that person and very loving but self-esteem of children has caused me not to go and see him. Many of you remember the day that the horrible but still not allow ourselves to be looking though two met not far apart. That day, I fail college, all ambitious dreams, love has collapsed. Which is a strong little girl, I was determined to secondary school accounting. I chose a school far to hide everything. Admission to the school day I was homesick and cried because each person is a message or call me crying. Because frankly I have not forgotten him. Sadness, loneliness gnawing on my heart almost a year, I will not love myself until married, I hate him throughout his life because he had lost heart beat How night. You will make many men suffering guy ...

To then for nearly a year later I met him through a friend's referral. Talking on the phone flirting for a few months she was meeting him. Cheu thinking she was joking but the story I was surprised to see him. He looked tall, handsome and he was "feeling the sun." From that day to meet them, he is home or call flirting. Just in time alone and I got I love him! Go out with him, they flood you once said: "It's tall, handsome so what make you truly loved, it was careful not to trick you." I know I said then what? I laughed and said: "I just love hang alone, then return home later that he truyt." But it was not as one might think, it is difficult to foresee, more and more contact with his children saw him as gentle, kind and selfless. This has made me love you from time to time, but frankly I do not know. Love you man you made changes. I was thinking more positive about life, I was happy again as before. Children living away from home two years he has been interested, although care met very few, mainly over the phone but I still feel happy and forget the painful past.

love you man did you change ...

à H! Innocent when you still have thoughts of love that will get them without thinking the words "fate" that people still talk frequently. At the end of two years of secondary school children return home to work and heard about his ex wives, like my heart shattered into a hundred pieces, but do not know why I still pray for him to be happy. Pain lasting longer until the wedding was held, and he also to me that at the time. I'm very happy you know? But brother! What should I do this when my parents really know you love me then, first day at school so parents may say, but now it is different. I had to work. What should I do when my parents love me banned, banned because my parents love me too far away, because my parents banned me and you are not the same religion. It might have beaten her parents, but behind this prohibition parents not to do so. Parents just do not want to analyze and talk from you. Elements for your children know how he is? Why do you set the tracks waiting for "filial love the word" he understand? You say goodbye, he sure do not, I do not want to do that. But you can not live alone, you can not learn Directed he understand? He has promised to buy land, they will not start school director, said despite promises that None is why I still believe. I'll wait for you anymore than one year, until he finished. If he fails, the words I have promised you'll be gone. Go to both be happy, go to reward her parents raised her. But I will hold you in my heart !!!!

Thank you! My love.

* * * Goodbye

I love away from me because I have no choice!
Mind the
I have sent him leave me alone

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