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Send me my dear

Baby! This time is 3h36 minutes, you're asleep, but he is sad not be able to sleep DC. U! Recently he realizes that he may well not be as comprehensive and you want them to, you know you are wrong a lot. He really knew what it was and he was repairing, redeem his mistake. He calculated the heat, and carefully calculated bit difficult but also because of concerns for the future, builds, built for the happiness of his wife. Well just because I can appreciate, and want to keep his wife's feelings are not chipped or hurt someone.

Baby! I do not know what to do and how to do it again here for you to be happy, be happy with me, many are unhappy at night I cry, I do not know about that, then there are times when you sad I can not say anything because they feel more alienated from his day and not close and friendly with him as the day before, he also was busy doing that they forget to worry or hustle he has not been good you? I love you, he truly loved you and loved you, in your hearts do not have room for another girl, he did not think or do something ashamed or sorry for me, I'm always trying closeness, comfort, care and encouragement, but they also could be because he does not know how?
I only have two kids, my wife only, she cold I know I should do? Very unhappy for me, just look how many nights I turned to hug and kiss him gently took one on the lips, or a hand held also makes his heart warm.

I do not want children and there doing well in his only fear from you, then you're not scared enough to do the work outside. Uh! Marketing is the discipline of children, this sector requires dynamic and fast, then-minded, thinking more, I have that. He never once denied my ability, but he did not want his new wife so hard I cried at home, and when sad, I go see him work, just to be with you, the children, only happiness to his family, so he is satisfied with her time. He is a man, he is just like any other man, also wanted to do it yourself money, make money site brush life, debt, and savings. He also wanted to make something of his own, wanted the money to buy land, build houses for parents, children, and I have a nice nest. I only dream of such simple, just a home and a perfect happiness for me, for you and your family.
Social Em! I like how he called you by calling "wife" too old to hear. Perfect love you gave me every sentence, every dot, comma and each line of a message by phone when away from you. Remember, he went to dinner Monday with his coffee maker. Rain, you're home alone, he worried they fear the rain, he launched the car rocketed home without constraints wet, cold problems. Then, you remember? In early years, his sad story about family, his work failed, two kids did not eat for weeks, and sometimes hunger to want to faint, I passed and now his own again.

also possible due to poor past his house so he did not have money for your school with them, only 12 of all universities and beans also seemed unlikely then entered his life around three to four escape to find the "I" of his life. How in contrition confused, turbulent, and hence his fall today. The price he must pay the old days, the lessons after the fall was that he had his little life and do not trust anyone. I told him isolated. Yeah! He also knew that, but you, who to stand with you on the roads around, I saw it, society full of pitfalls, because the money people can make all the downtrodden and to have it. He was born in 1985, this year he was 25, so age is not old and not young any more, he determined from the path he went at age 17, then the poor, he has learned, just do it learn everything, so far he has done enough training, so he may return to school all three levels are also glad that I'm not illiterate.

To succeed one must trade off the sweat, tears and even blood poured all, one person, one way, a direction and a path to his more mature, more mature and success he must think a long time to come. He admired and respected, admired father, who was born children, the father is a good example for him to look back on it and plumb her. I like my mom, hard working woman, hard, save, and his mother, too, the two mothers are learning how to save him. I know that he still waste a day at home alone while he is out he can do that from 500,000 to 2,000,000, but he has not really know how to save, preserve, but I hope his wife, who he loves him only for life saving light, do not be mad at you this is not it? What a good wife virtue, see his comments are incorrect, so he repaired, he, too, so the new couple happy together, okay.

You know, I know you feel sorry for her parents, and himself, too, we do family, he would upset his wife will try to rise up after this you also pay off and atone for their parents but is not it? More than ten days and then, he has not been fully felt, did you sleep tonight again, you sad and tired too, like this, if you feel you just leave me alone on the road shuffling long life endless, cold, no warmth of his children will not be able to live well. He did not live this life where when I without you, my children and their families, not for me.

His life of suffering, humiliation, bitterness far enough, he wants assert themselves, repeat themselves and want their family happy, warm, quiet. Please let them support you, my husband supported me ok. I just fear, fear of loneliness, cold, scared the way she was absent, fear whenever there is room to set foot on my side, afraid of his meals alone outside the bar, I am afraid, very afraid and then I ah, think twice before you eat lunch at the outdoor restaurant which is now pleased he felt so unhappy, fireflies tears. He thought, if that day had no more children, you leave the road of life he lost, he was suffering in a time of happiness, and if you lose you again ... as he scared and not confident enough to come, loving one another. He will also be accepted, and abandon this place, from the family, all strangers to somewhere no one knows who you are, close to living alone as he does not redeem what is not good with children and .
thousand times please do not make me cold, alone again. I love you! I love and marriage of his more cooperative.

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