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Send love to the wind

When the center line of this article, he also did not expect a miracle somehow make you seethe and then I rushed to the he is. Because we've lost each other forever and then.

time went well for two months now is not it? Two months from the time I decided to step out of the dark life of his full dark, and that was when he began to feel everything in this world are more meaningless when you know how much life His children were not there anymore. So time goes by and so that he can not figure out how to know if he ever can forget the silhouette of a girl, forget the pain of lost love, but now he is bitter to receive ...

All now remains is the echo of happiness, the words of love, resentment of a love that I have sacrificed so much because he alone. There are times when he tried to forget, but forget it as he saw it as a clear one. From the bottom of my heart how he can easily forget you okay? How can you forget a very innocent girl in the bright, stubborn but nice, never knew what love is pink, never know what is the dark corners of life so that you have the courage to accept sacrifices everything for an experienced guy, and white hands had fallen like him ... I had my life full of obstacles in his hand and gave me lift him up while His spiritual life has seemed stuck. I love and loved you very much, very much ... You are my joy, the only solace he helped dispel the sorrows of all, you is where to put what little I unprovoked anger in the
life ... Whether he said these words of love, you gave love, care for you and more ... or in spite of the fact that the language of love is strong can not say the things he always wanted to tell you at this time. Cat lover!! Thank you very much! Thank you for what you did for me over the past two years. When I moved away in his heart he is now only remaining gaps hopeless, no direction with regret the pain of feeling like I lost something very important in life is priceless, but nothing can substitute for cover. But then he will have to accept that bitter let you go in full of pity worried when his regret that his life is now confident enough to try to hold me anymore.

Actually I do not want to lose you, I do not want to take away the purpose of living in the rest of his life ... he'd hook, hook because my love for you very much , cling to worry because he was afraid that no one will love you as much as he used to love me then they make me hurt feelings that affect your life. But desire is just unreal thoughts alone ... not fact, and we'd never have been more different when both he and I both know one thing that this love will never take two come together, he will never be the same as you walk in the ceremony groom to the bride as she still dreams desire is that the bride wore dau.Tinh love of you and me How is it, feel sad, it also hurts only you and only you know, it's like a blind man to confront the darkness that.

Despite his love of them are beautiful and romantic love in the novel, sustainable happiness as in the legend, the matter never can help myself and get it over the wall to prevent the family, to overcome the pressure of social and insurmountable as is so tormented by obsessive torment to which they themselves peacefully together is not it? I'm sorry, I apologize a thousand times because when he was only thinking about his own feelings that he does not think about the pressures they have to suffer, he yelled at them as human beings accidentally, pointless, accountability I do not know that people appreciate my love for you all day make me hurt mentally, physically tired and soul. I know you love me so much, but you sacrifice for me so just stop, because you can not lose because his family loved it.

Lovers, there are deaths but can be lost loved ones and family, how can you not find it? There are times when I wonder why fate again we have arranged for a chance to close it to each other? why he told him that she wants a lover and a strong character like him in kind when we is not nothing of each other? why are you not that that girl right? why and why? Now he does not know what to blame me or cursed himself again, but if you have the responsibility partly, also nine he cursed himself because he did not do well what I expect, he has lost the image of a man strong in his eyes, losing the calm that his inherent ... and then ... he was useless to lose our children anymore. Well they were going. I said goodbye ... I just wish all good things always come to me only. Prayed and prayed.

According to Trung Luong

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