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Send him, who loved it!

When it's love you know it's not the kind of person you ... Throughout this whole month it was trying to forget him, forget about it and his memories. But the more I forget it is even more memory, a recall of all subjects. Tell myself that it pleased him to forget, continue its inherently life before, and before you know him ...

... it is not a tear was standing on his mi me away from it since. But you know what? It does not cry not because it does not love him but because it is too big shock for it. Ever it is always the hard way, always be wrapped in the world of love, my parents love it, give it your friends always look fondly rays and many other people love it. Its story broke and he made it known to the world does not love the world of sadness, of tears and gloom. It simply does not cry because it is a weak little girl is surrounded by a strong outer shell and it fell. It was sad but not crying. His life has changed when it used to and love. From the day he said those words ... it was different ... It's a high fever for more than one consecutive week, the idea to the hospital as both restlessness.

One month ... only came up with that. He says, love and farewell. It's sad ... it hurts ... It said he also has his own suffering. He typically been good giang, quiet ... also it is only a little inferior, stupid Nazis. It and he is too different.

Why is it still remembered, still holding a distant figure has ...

When it's love you know it's not as his model. Inside it scared me but someday he will remain far from it. It always wondered why you say love with it? It there is no point what might be called special and nothing that I can love it.

And then the fear so long it came. "I am far from each other because we'd never belong together", but it knows it still hurts. Perhaps others will never be, it told himself to himself. "In this world there are still others who love her, love her, it self-comforting.

But why? Why it's still remembered, still holding a distant figure and has a love affair dying as soon as it started it? The gift you gave it retains. It says it is still love, love him very much and it can not forget the short-lived love affair, forget him - who has changed his life and leave big gaps in it.

* * *

I really miss you!
Coast as he did to me
Rain Oh! Why? My Happiness

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